Bits and bobs

Cindy. Dog day afternoon … in winter.

Long range shot of an African Harrier Hawk (Gymnogene).

Max among the geraniums.

The next door neighbours recently acquired two (formally) feral kittens ( for their young son, apparently) – the wife works at the zoo so although not confirmed yet we presume this was where they came from.

We noticed that each kitten has one of it’s ears (left) snipped. We inquired of our vet why this might be so and were informed that, on occasion this was done to feral cats to identify them after they have been spayed or neutered.

Our neighbour does not allow cats inside her house and so , kittens or not, they are confined to the garden. The kittens seem not to have been informed whose garden so they tend to wander over to ours where there is always, other cats to play with and  a human or two on hand plus a constant supply of food. The neighbours’ young son informed us during a chat over the wall that his dad feeds the kittens scraps and dog food! This is not good as cats can develop kidney problems if not fed the correct food. We were surprised. As already mentioned the wife works at the zoo so one would assume … well, obviously one should not assume.

Anyway, the kittens prefer the food this side of the wall and also like sleeping indoors as it is much warmer.  We have informed the neighbours what the cats keep doing and all we received was a shrug.

Seems we have acquired two more cats… Meet White foot.



4 thoughts on “Bits and bobs

  1. Wow! Cindy is working on a fantastic tan Ark! 😄 Now all she needs is to tie it off with a pretty bow, huh? 😛

    White foot is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Oh MY what a beautiful coat, stripes, and colors! ❤️

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  2. Hello Ark. Thank you and your family for stepping up to help these two kittens. Kindness and compassion is in short supply in some places now, and your post gave me a much needed uplifting to my spirits. Congratulations on the new family members. Hugs

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      1. Of course it was. Breaking hearts are so ugly.
        What’s the latest count? (or do you dare?)

        my feeling is, if someone cares so little about their own animals (even though they may be getting paid to care for other ‘important’ animals), then there’s no blame, no shame, when they wander away and find a nice new home with tons of company.
        This is a beautiful cat. He seems to be a sturdier looking version of my Toby, who is built like a toast rack with fur.

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