Sunday Smile!

A call to, ”Come and look who’s in the Table Tennis Shed!” had me grabbing my camera and tootling up the garden path. And when I saw this young lady, I was grinning from ear to ear. As you can see, only a baby. So sparse have the Rain Spiders been at our spot this … More Sunday Smile!

Incy Wincy

Crab Spider. 25 June ’19 So scarce these past two years that seeing this very handsome young lady among a patch of lavender had me smiling from ear to ear.   Ark

It’s Spider time!

  Okay, call me mad – you certainly won’t be the first, I can assure you, and probably not the last, but I believe that, irrespective of the species, limb damage  needs a certain amount of physiotherapy. To this end, I take Mrs Bert out of her abode a couple of times a day and … More It’s Spider time!

Spider Therapy

  We haven’t given up on our Rescued Arachnid. What’s happening here is a bit of Incy Wincy physiotherapy. Ems is gently massaging the damaged limbs with a soft paint brush to encourage movement. The spider reacts by raising its legs , sometimes in a gesture that can only imply it is somewhat fed up … More Spider Therapy