Sunday Smile!

A call to, ”Come and look who’s in the Table Tennis Shed!” had me grabbing my camera and tootling up the garden path. And when I saw this young lady, I was grinning from ear to ear.

As you can see, only a baby. So sparse have the Rain Spiders been at our spot this is a real treat and a most welcome visitor. I just hope she can manage to avoid the attentions of the Pompilid wasps.

For now she has taken up temporary residence behind an old plug socket just inside the door. The resident brown button spider who also lives behind the socket doesn’t seem to mind the company!

For these shots I gently nudged her out into the open using a bit of lavender. I wanted to get a shot or two of her on my hand but thought that was a bit presumptions having only just been introduced. As Ems said, ”Leave the poor thing alone!” So I clicked away for a few moments then let her be.



24 thoughts on “Sunday Smile!

      1. I had a terrible experience with a popcorn spider my daughter found on her field trip. She made the mistake of showing it to her classmates. She was then in tears over the whole ordeal. People are assholes

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  1. Hello Ark. Disregarding my unease and slight disgust at the sight of such a … creature, I find it really fascinating how bugs, insects, spiders can walk up vertical surfaces with ease ( the better to ambush you from above ). It is like gravity has no effect on them ( being alien human blood draining invaders ). Also I find it weird that when you put your hand there next to ( a horrible large fanged saliva dripping human flesh devouring demon from the nightmare dimension ) a splendid example of earths diversity in life forms, why it did not scurry away ( propelled by 8 legs in to a blur unable to be seen by human eyes as it attempts to sneak up behind a human to sinks it’s fangs deep in to the most sensitive vulnerable part of the human anatomy ) on its interestingly formed hydraulic powered legs. It seems not to see your hand as a threat ( of course not it is the real threat able to rip human fingers from a hand and use them as tooth picks ) and takes no action. Do you move in such a way ( to show you do not wish it to reduce you to mangled body parts ) that the baby arachnid accepts your hand being so close to it? Hugs

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      1. Hello Ark. Ah yes, the little beings book of acceptable allies in the giant bipedal world. 😀😁😉 But serious question, do you think these types of creatures have a genetic memory? I have read things that suggest genetic memory does exist in some mammals. Hugs

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    1. Scottie: you are familiar with southern hemisphere spiders … me too — it’s squelch on sight in the house and leave each other alone outside. (Actually, we keep a BBQ matchbox in a ready-use drawer especially for evacuating spiders)(I talk tough …)

      Outside it”s live, and let live.

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      1. I’m in the glass and thin cardboard brigade, there’s one ‘set’ in each room–they all get the cheery talk and explanation about how much NICER it will be outdoors…since I am mildly allergic to wasps, I’d rather ‘glass ’em” than swat, much safer for both of us.

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  2. Aside from the fact that Scottie has gone into cardiac arrest over this, and a few other people are heading for the smelling salts, I think these are elegant shots, and careful ones.

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      1. As the old saying goes … don’t hold your breath. Now if one of them came along that had bright coloring like butterflies and birds, well, maybe. Case-by-case analysis.

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    1. Sorry, Piglet. Missed this.
      The rescued spider managed to escape from her container, which I consider a good sign as it meant she was strong enough to find her own way.


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