Incy Wincy

Pink Flower Crab Spider. (Thomisus )

They have been very thin on the ground the past couple of seasons but I found  three this week so maybe there will be more before summer is over?


The family Thomisidae is a large family with 160 genera and about 2000 known species.
In Southern Africa they are represented by 39 genera and about 140 species.

You can learn a bit more, if you’re interested,  here

And this seems the perfect song considering the open arm gesture of the spider!

Saw the Doobies at Reading Rock Festival sometime back in the  20th century. Or was it the 19th?

You might also be interested in this … which details the career of Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter, the second guitarist/lead with the over-the-top moustache who also played with Steely Dan and ended up working as an Advisor on Missile Defence and also with NASA.


6 thoughts on “Incy Wincy

  1. Spiders … again, brrrr! We had some beauties in New Zealand, and I can’t wait to never see what they have here. But, all is not lost, I’m told that there’s a very shy snake in the grass sometimes—which is a good reason to stick to the roads and footpaths, no? (Why? Them politicians get everywhere …)

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  2. I must say, that fly is pretty clever… sneaking up BEHIND the pinky spider that did not crawl up the spout! Down came the fly, and scared the spider out! I wonder how the fly will enjoy its meal? 🤔😄

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    1. I’m fit as a flea. Just been very busy lately and come the end of the day …. Like now, I am cream-crackered and have no energy to do a post.
      I’ll try to come up with something soon

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