Still my favorite video on this subject. Having been embroiled in conversation with yet another who thinks Noah and his Flood were genuine historical events I thought I’d post it once again. Grab a coffee. 17 minutes well spent.   Ark

Oh, for gods’ sake.

A post about disability included a paragraph about a Christian and former drug addict who approached a blind person on the train and asked for permission to pray that his sight may be restored. The Christian claimed that praying to his god was directly responsible for his own ”healing” This prompted my response. I’ll give … More Oh, for gods’ sake.

Oh, for gods sake!

  For my religious friends and especially, David, Mel, Wally, cumbriasmithy, IB, James ”Jesus is coming and so am I” Running the Race, and all you silly god-botherers out there. Jim Jeffries and Lewis Black – pure comedic genius.   ”Whether you like it or not, scientists are primarily atheist.” – Jim Jeffries –   … More Oh, for gods sake!

Religious Toxicity

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may recall the name Jonny Scaramanga. Jonny was schooled through ACE – Accelerated Christian Education. ACE are Young Earth Creationists. Based on reading Jonny’s experiences their methodology is as toxic as they come. It was through reading Jonny’s blog that I found out … More Religious Toxicity

Don’t give me no jive, and don’t tell me no lies!

From the blog of Pastor David Robertson. Martha Ark, you misunderstand my statement above – please read it again ” if I were to produce evidence for the Exodus including archaeological, non-biblical historical accounts and proof of the exact numbers which left Egypt, where they settled/wandered – you would just cover your ears and eyes … More Don’t give me no jive, and don’t tell me no lies!