Watch the Birdy

Red-Throated Wryneck. Told you we’d get a front view! Photographed early this morning by Ems. I was still in bed! Cape Wagtail. Photographed Friday Streaky Headed Seedeater. Not the best shot but the first time I’ve seen this species the whole year. Greater Double-Collared Sunbird. Not sure of the ‘thing’ on its beak. Doesn’t feature … More Watch the Birdy

Bits n’ Bobs

Every year around this time we are subject to scenes like this. We believe it is the burning of scrub on the koppie. Not pleasant! A few Sweet Potatoes I grew in an old dog biscuit bucket. Turned out better than I hoped. Adorabelle having a nap in the afternoon winter sun. In Silhouette. Hadeda … More Bits n’ Bobs


Fiscal Shrike. Migrating White Storks Ciconia ciconia high above our property. Breeds in parts of Eurasia and North Africa, heading south in the non-breeding season to sub-Saharan Africa. In southern Africa, it is common to abundant in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa, largely excluding the arid Karoo. It has a small breeding population … More BIRD WEEKLY – PHOTO CHALLENGE – BIRDS WITH WHITE FEATHERS