Bits n’ Bobs

Garden Commodore photographed this afternoon. Nice to see them back again. My garden experiment. In an attempt to do away with seed trays I am having a go at planting in old toilet rolls. Add a little potting mix, sow the seed, gently pressing it into potting mix and cover lightly. Bio-degradable so there’s no … More Bits n’ Bobs

A Mini Marvel!

Collected  yesterday. I’m not sure if the nipper appreciated the cake, but Mum and Dad seemed suitably impressed! Individual hand-made petals over fondant. Diamante ribbons. Two tier chocolate and vanilla chiffon. Mini is made from fondant and every single facet is hand-crafted and coloured from scratch. Emily’s Cakes Ark      

Having your cake and ….

Modelling almost complete! The artist adds a finishing touch to her design. Tulips. This was ordered for the mother of a client who currently lives in Prague. Delivered this morning. All the make up including the bag is made from fondant. Emily’s Cakes