All Change

Two days ago, the little Swallowtail caterpillar looked like bird droppings … but now it has it’s ‘Second Coat’  which it will wear until it has fattened up and then pupates. I brought the lemon tree seedling inside and it sits on my desk. I’ll  soon confine the caterpillar to a large enclosed plastic bottle … More All Change

Quelle Surprise!

I have made mention a couple of times that once I acquired a digital camera I embarked on a quest ( cue music) to photo catalog all the flora and especially the fauna that  resides in and/or visits our garden. In the beginning it was fairly easy, and the files quickly filled with all sorts … More Quelle Surprise!

It Fluttered By

Female Diadem Male Diadem Ark. Photographed this afternoon   Common Diadem Alternate common name: Diadem Afrikaans common names: Blouglans (male), Na-aper (female) Wingspan: ♂ 60–65 mm ♀ 70–80 mm Notes: Male is a strong fl ier and is territorial on hilltops and in forest clearings. Sexes dimorphic, distinctive. Polymorphic females are mimics of all forms … More It Fluttered By