The Anonymous Synoptics. Eyewitnesses to what?

gMark is considered by some critical scholars to be a pastiche of cobbled together themes from Jewish scripture and is notable for the forged ‘long-ending’. gMatthew is a copy of gMark incorporating around 600 verses, some verbatim. Notable additions include a birth narrative, including the ridiculous falsely prophesised tale of a virgin birth lifted directly … More The Anonymous Synoptics. Eyewitnesses to what?

Oh, for gods’ sake!

As it is almost universally acknowledged among bible scholars that the Gospel of Mark was the first of the four gospels to be written, why did the author feel no need to include several of the major foundational tenets of the Christian faith? Namely the virgin birth narrative, the genealogy, and the post resurrection appearances? … More Oh, for gods’ sake!

Oh, for gods’ sake!

Over at the Weeflea, David Robertson is busy working on a new book titled S.E.E.K. Real World Problems, Real Word Solutions’. The previous book in the series titled A.S.K. was about Really Big Questions in the real world and their answers as seen through a Christian/biblical lens. It was aimed primarily at teenagers. While some … More Oh, for gods’ sake!

How to be a good Christian, by Pastor David Robertson.

As a follow up to my convincing skeptics post this comment, and David Robertson’s reply – a real corker – caught my attention. Enjoy! wheels5894 JANUARY 18, 2019 AT 11:29 AM Daydreamer, Who has knowledge of a god? I mean true and proper knowledge. The answer is no one. This is because everything is dependent on … More How to be a good Christian, by Pastor David Robertson.

Could you convince a non-believer that the bible is the truth?

Apparently David Robertson believes *he can … Maybe you could ask him how? I did … and he refused to tell me the ”secret”. *Yes, there is  a proviso, naturally. After all, he is a Christian! Oh, and if you decide to watch his 2 min video you might like to have this page open … More Could you convince a non-believer that the bible is the truth?

Oh for gods sake!

  Shermer is truly outstanding. If you are prepared to listen to the entire 16: 00, I challenge you to offer any meaningful argument for being  a believer. And if you are already a sceptic this brief talk will offer rebuttals for every primary argument for theism.   And just in case you might need … More Oh for gods sake!