Bugs, Birds, Butterflies and Bits n’ Bobs

Jumping Spider   Long Horned Beetle Virgil Kirby’s Dropwing. Fire Tailed Resin Bee Extremely harmless Scorpion Spider (Platyoides walteri) – even to Scottie and Nan. Garden Commodore. These butterflies have a Summer(wet) and a Winter (dry) form. First one I have seen this season. Tiny Lappet Moth caterpillar. Rescued from one of the cats, it is … More Bugs, Birds, Butterflies and Bits n’ Bobs

Beetle update.

Finally got an ID on the Beetle photo I posted. Just to refresh your memory …   It is called a Stripsipher Orientalis, and apparently is not that common. This is what one of the clever people on Scarabs of Southern Africa had to say. Rn Stals Not Valgini (in South Africa generally smaller and always … More Beetle update.

Oh, Fork!

  Fork-Horned Rhino Beetle.  Flew into the office last night as we were calling the cats in. Buzzed like a drone plane! Looks a bit like one of the Triceratops dinosaurs, don’t you think so?   Ark.  

With the Beetles

  Chrysomelidae ( leaf beetle ) on Lemon Verbena. Tiny little one … less than an inch. Did you know, there are over 30,000 beetle species? I have photographed about a dozen! 5/4/17   Ark