In The Pink

Since the arrival of the hens, and their relentless pecking, certain insects have been thin on the ground – literally in some cases – so it was something to smile about when I found this young lady yesterday. Maybe with the onset of the rainy season here in Johannesburg more insects will soon make an … More In The Pink

It’s Spider time!

  Okay, call me mad – you certainly won’t be the first, I can assure you, and probably not the last, but I believe that, irrespective of the species, limb damage  needs a certain amount of physiotherapy. To this end, I take Mrs Bert out of her abode a couple of times a day and … More It’s Spider time!

Incy Wincy

  While tidying up a few old plant pots during my official ”Tea Break”, I came across this little feller. And little is the operative word. 2 -5mm tops. He is a male Comb-Footed Spider. He’s part of the Theridiidae family that includes Widows and Button Spiders and even Ben’s recent find which we think … More Incy Wincy