New Species!

Late afternoon and I heard the approach of the chickens. As they love to wander into my office, I got up to close the security gate and as I was about to pull it to I heard a call  and looked up. Even from a distance I knew this was not a bird I had … More New Species!

Does Your Religion Depend On Where You Were Born?

No, is the claim from a Pastor, who, in his usual display  of Christian love argues: ….much beloved of atheist fundamentalists who think it is a killer question.  But the answer really is not that difficult if you stop to think about it….its just that few do! I don’t suppose the dear Pastor includes himself … More Does Your Religion Depend On Where You Were Born?

Oh, for gods’ sake!

Text from a recent podcast I listened to over at David Robertson’s Third Space site between a  Dr. Sameh Maurice and Robert Martin on the Power of Prayer. Dr. Maurice:’We have seen signs, wonders miracles , people raised from the dead … Robert Martin: ”You’ve seen people raised from the dead?” Dr. Maurice: ”Yeah, yeah … More Oh, for gods’ sake!