Self-Sufficient Me.

Well, not me, exactly,but this bloke, Mark. I love his videos. He has a ton of stuff on growing veggies and he is so enthusiastic. Add to this the climate in Aus. is pretty much like it is in my part of the world which makes his videos right on the money.

Giant Nob of the Week – (A God-botherer, naturally!)

Kanye West thinks a coronavirus vaccine will be ‘the mark of the beast’ By Bang Showbiz  Jul 8, 2020 Kanye West believes that the coronavirus vaccine will be the mark of the beast. The 43-year-old rapper has revealed he is against the development of a vaccine against Covid-19 – which has infected over 12 million people … More Giant Nob of the Week – (A God-botherer, naturally!)

Almost Number 1!

Gauteng – the province where I live – is almost there. Top of the pile, Cock of the Rock. King of the Heap. Yes, we are only 4,000 Covid -19 Cases shy of Western Cape, which has 70,000. So come on all you selfish SOBs. Take those mask off and breath  on somebody you love … More Almost Number 1!