Oh, for gods’ sake

An Atheist cannot disprove the existence of a God within a range of absolute certainty. Personally, I’ve never even tried to disprove ”a  God.” Do any other atheists really try to disprove the existence of ”a God(sic)”? I always thought the onus was on the theist to provide the  evidence for the existence of their … More Oh, for gods’ sake

”Oh, God, I’m coming!”

It’s all about the numbers, it really is. http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2017/april/report-christianity-is-literally-dying-islam-to-become-biggest-faith The two major world religions, Christianity and Islam, are literally trying to out-screw each other in their respective crusade/jihad towards religious domination of the world, popping out millions of little god-botherers at a rate that  should have Priests and Imams frothing at the mouth in anticipation … More ”Oh, God, I’m coming!”


I am always late to the party and as I usually avoid “News” I have only just read of the Manchester Bomb attack. I know quite a few people in Manchester but so far have not heard of anyone I might know that was hurt, or worse. I am actually feeling a little nervous about … More Manchester.