Around the garden.

Citrus Swallowtail on Lavender Catherine and Val Crab Spiders on Cosmos. Benji and Danny. Hoverfly on daisy Homegrown Pepper Carpenter Bee asleep on a Cosmos. African Common White (Belenois creona) ‘Iceman’. (not one of ours but now a regular visitor) Millie looking over the valley. Best seat in the house! Hillbrow Tower 16/1/20  

Bugs, Birds, Butterflies and Bits n’ Bobs

Jumping Spider   Long Horned Beetle Virgil Kirby’s Dropwing. Fire Tailed Resin Bee Extremely harmless Scorpion Spider (Platyoides walteri) – even to Scottie and Nan. Garden Commodore. These butterflies have a Summer(wet) and a Winter (dry) form. First one I have seen this season. Tiny Lappet Moth caterpillar. Rescued from one of the cats, it is … More Bugs, Birds, Butterflies and Bits n’ Bobs

Leading you up the garden path and bits and bobs

Lycianthes rantonnetii (Blue potato bush). The flowers are actually more mauve than blue (I suspect it is the camera’s fault!). No noticeable change with the chrysalis. This was taken today. Sweet Potato Slip. This will be twisted off then placed in water until it has some healthy roots and afterwards planted. Bucket Potatoes coming along … More Leading you up the garden path and bits and bobs

Bits and Bobs

Miserable Mushroom or a Genuine Fun-Gi? Back Lawn. First home-grown Bitter Orange seedling! Only about ten years to go before we get some oranges. Be here in a flash! Citrus Swallowtail Larvae ”dining out” Pumpkin Flower through hole in Pumpkin Leaf. Mantis looking somewhat cheesed off. Lichen … I think … on the front wall. … More Bits and Bobs

6 on Saturday.

When the Chips are Down – Grow Spuds.   As part of my quest to grow enough Potatoes for an entire year I wanted to have a go at growing a few in a container. I probably have enough land … just, but I am game to try all methods. If nothing else it will … More 6 on Saturday.

Leading you up the garden path. 10 minutes – 10 shots

Brown-and-yellow fruit chafer (Pachnoda sinuata ) head first in a Peach. Potatoes: If Matt Damon can grow them on Mars, the Ark can have a go in Johannesburg. White Bellied Sunbird in the upper branches of the  Acacia tree in the back garden. ”Hiding in the long grass …” Ginger. Summer Downpour. Thyreus on Lavender … More Leading you up the garden path. 10 minutes – 10 shots

Bits and Bobs –

For Nan, and not a spider in sight! Crested Barbet making his presence known! Acraea A species of lily? Any help with ID? Number 7 catching a few Zs. Solanium Rantonetti – Potato Shrub Fruit from the garden. Wild plum. Female White Bellied Sunbird   While still dinosaur tracks – or at least what they … More Bits and Bobs –