Leading you up the garden path and bits and bobs

Lycianthes rantonnetii (Blue potato bush).

The flowers are actually more mauve than blue (I suspect it is the camera’s fault!).

No noticeable change with the chrysalis. This was taken today.

Sweet Potato Slip. This will be twisted off then placed in water until it has some healthy roots and afterwards planted.

Bucket Potatoes coming along very nicely!

Ground Potatoes. I had to surround these with rocks/brick as the hens continually scratched away the soil.

So far, the potatoes have remained unscathed.

Meanwhile … in the shed.

Surprise visitor. An interloper . She is about half the size of the other female. I suspect she  may be on the hunt for  a free meal, but needs to be careful in case she becomes the meal in question!

The larger female is curled up in the corner to the left. The egg sacs have little holes in, I am wondering if the babies left a while back?

My knowledge of arachnids is not so in-depth I’m afraid.

Mantis on Orchid.

Look what took up residence in an old discarded eggbox.

Making Ladybirds.

Uloborus makes her web across a plant pot.

Bee on Daisy


Bits and Bobs

Miserable Mushroom or a Genuine Fun-Gi? Back Lawn.

First home-grown Bitter Orange seedling! Only about ten years to go before we get some oranges. Be here in a flash!

Citrus Swallowtail Larvae ”dining out”

Pumpkin Flower through hole in Pumpkin Leaf.

Mantis looking somewhat cheesed off.

Lichen … I think … on the front wall.

Fresh eggs and granadilla gathered this morning.

Carpenter Bee on Monbretia flower.

Mosquito on Fennel.

Out at Flora Market with Ems looking for roses to decorate a cake. We were in a rush … everything was a bit of a blur.



6 on Saturday.

When the Chips are Down – Grow Spuds.


As part of my quest to grow enough Potatoes for an entire year I wanted to have a go at growing a few in a container.

I probably have enough land … just, but I am game to try all methods. If nothing else it will be a learning experience.

So I hopped on You Tube to get some info from proper gardeners.

One was from Utah and looked like Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top) cousin, another was Welsh and that’s almost as bad as a Manchester United supporter, but he had a fabulous greenhouse, and the third was a young bloke who spoke proper English.

I noted all their excellent tips and went out to The Shed this morning and got cracking …

One large container … woof woof!

A couple of minutes to make drainage holes using my trusty solder iron.

Add a few centimeters of loose soil.

Not the best example of  a seed potato but, just you wait,  it has the makings of a champion!


Place on soil with three of its buddies …. or should that be spuddies?


Cover with another layer of soil to a further depth of two or three centimetres.

And finally … give them a light watering.

In a few weeks if all goes well, little green shoots should appear. When they are approx. 4cm I shall ”earth up” ( cover them with another layer of soil and allow the top leaves to poke through).

Continue with this until the plants have grown to the height of the container. ( one hopes).

I shall, of course, keep you posted on the progress.




Leading you up the garden path. 10 minutes – 10 shots

Brown-and-yellow fruit chafer (Pachnoda sinuata ) head first in a Peach.

Potatoes: If Matt Damon can grow them on Mars, the Ark can have a go in Johannesburg.

White Bellied Sunbird in the upper branches of the  Acacia tree in the back garden.

”Hiding in the long grass …”


Summer Downpour.

Thyreus on Lavender

White Cosmos

African Migrant. (Male)

After chatting with Brian the other day about the paucity of butterflies, two minutes later  I walked outside

and saw four of these gamboling high up in the branches of a large overgrown shrub.

Flower of  the Peppadew plant. Fruit  on the way!


After the rain.





Bits and Bobs –

For Nan, and not a spider in sight!

Crested Barbet making his presence known!


A species of lily? Any help with ID?

Number 7 catching a few Zs.

Solanium Rantonetti – Potato Shrub

Fruit from the garden. Wild plum.

Female White Bellied Sunbird


While still dinosaur tracks – or at least what they evolved into, this is not Paluxy, but the patio.

Sunset through the cacti.



Bits ‘n Bobs and Odds ‘n Ends.

Ponty building and Jacaranda.

The stray named Number 7. He turns up every day for food and occasionally stays the night.


Yes we have (no) bananas….

Collared Dove popped by for some lunch this afternoon.


White Bellied Sunbird.

Air Plant. We have lived here for 16 years and this is only the second time I have witnessed these plants bloom. Once they have finished flowering the adult plant will die.

Having a swim on a warm Spring afternoon.

Dancing With Dolphins. For Brian over at Equinoxio. 


Odds n’ Ends and Bits n’ Bobs

Life With Chickens.

Some Four Pla(n)e

Django and Terry Pratchett.

”I will, I promise. Just let me finish my snooze, okay?”

Bobbi had to pop in for lunch so Max offered to act as a ”Stand-In” for a few minutes.

”Okay,I’m back. Thanks.”

Feeling Blue.

Glossy Starling.

End of the Day.



Champion’s League in an hour!  Catch you later.

Getting laid

Today was cause for much squealing and all round excitement. Well, from one member at any rate.

Such noise alerted moi, who, initially thinking there was a serious problem with a cat or dog, leapt out my seat and dashed for the door, only to see  Ems and our housekeeper, Duduzele, almost in rapture staring at the ground behind the  stone wall where the chillis are grown. As I approached from one side, Ems turned and called to those who had also rushed to offer aid.

From the look on her face, it doesn’t seem much like an emergency to me!

And this is what all the commotion was about.

The very first egg laid ( by the Hen called Kimi) at the Ark’s Spot.

Okay, show’s over. Back to work.