More Dragons!

  It’s quite amazing how close these beauties will allow me to approach before they take flight. Even then, they will usually flit close by only to alight on the same spot. While these images are cropped, I was no more than a ruler’s length away and on several shots even the click of the … More More Dragons!

There be Dragons!

  Orange-winged Dropwing (Trithemis kirbyi) Photographed yesterday afternoon. I sharpened the image a little with the specific intent of trying to create the effect of stained glass. For Sally , who dabbles in glass!   Ark.

There be Dragons!

  Trithemis kirbyi,  – Kirby’s Dropwing – (also known as the orange-winged dropwing, or scarlet rock glider), stops for a breather on an Iris leaf 22/11/18   Ark

There be dragons!

Well, one dragon. 11:51. Red Veined Darter on a bare reed on the floating island in the pond. It has just past 13:00 and hit 33, although the ”real feel ” says it’s 36 plus. I can believe that! As Robin Williams once noted … ”It’s hot … damn hot’!   Ark