”O Evidence, Evidence, where art thou Evidence?”*

theweeflea FEBRUARY 13, 2020 AT 9:22 AM You think you are open minded…but you show no evidence of any kind of open mind. You won’t accept any evidence because quite simply you don’t believe that there can be any evidence. If that is not true please tell us what evidence you would accept? Arkenaten FEBRUARY … More ”O Evidence, Evidence, where art thou Evidence?”*

Oh, for gods sake!

Aaah …. ’tis a glorious Monday morning here in Jo’burg. Liverpool beat Everton 1-0 yesterday in the 3rd round of the FA Cup and so what better way to shrug off any Monday Blues you lot may have with a laugh! A comment on the bush-fires in Australia … Name withheld to protect the individual … More Oh, for gods sake!

Oh, for gods’ sake

An Atheist cannot disprove the existence of a God within a range of absolute certainty. Personally, I’ve never even tried to disprove ”a  God.” Do any other atheists really try to disprove the existence of ”a God(sic)”? I always thought the onus was on the theist to provide the  evidence for the existence of their … More Oh, for gods’ sake

Does Your Religion Depend On Where You Were Born?

No, is the claim from a Pastor, who, in his usual display  of Christian love argues: ….much beloved of atheist fundamentalists who think it is a killer question.  But the answer really is not that difficult if you stop to think about it….its just that few do! I don’t suppose the dear Pastor includes himself … More Does Your Religion Depend On Where You Were Born?