It’s said by some that there are musicians who are so passionate about their instrument they will sleep with it  rather than part with it for a moment. Whereas, others, as you can see, prefer to sleep on the instrument!   Ark.

Madness is …

A brief trip to the vet to pick up some food for the kittens had an unexpected twist. As we arrived a rather tearful elderly lady was handing in a tiny. tiny kitten. Apparently, the previous day someone had left him in a small box outside her gate. She had tried to look after it … More Madness is …

Weigh too cute!

  The little female is somewhat underweight, as we noticed she was initially struggling to suckle, getting out of breath after a minute or two. When all three kittens went to the vet for a check-up it was revealed she has a slight heart murmur. However, it need not be le fin du monde. She … More Weigh too cute!


As temperatures begin to soar in Johannesburg one of two non-resident regular feline visitors to our spot takes a moment or two to relax in the cool of the late afternoon. Ark.

No. 7

  Meet No. 7. We believe he comes from the school up the road, though we can’t be certain. He’s not feral, but not entirely domesticated either, and he is even dirtier than what he looks in the photos. He is neutered,so someone took it upon themselves to take him to the vet or at … More No. 7