Watch the birdy – White Stork

A group of around twenty flew over the property this morning, effortlessly riding thermals while making their way north as part of  their annual migration.

It was twenty minutes well spent and worth the slightly stiff neck from looking skyward! In fact they were so high that any decent shots were well nigh impossible for me, even with the camera on full zoom.

But I shall tick it off as another species to grace our spot, and what a treat!



Watch the Birdy. Home building.

When I first started doing a little research on the White Bellied Sunbird a couple of years back I read that one of the places they like to build their nest is in among cacti.

”I’d like to see one build its nest among the devil thorns of the cacti growing at our spot,” thought I.

Well, this afternoon while having a tea-break stroll I noticed a female White Bellied Sunbird flitting between the bars of the front gate only to disappear among the cacti along the drive.

No? Serious?

I retrieved a remote , opened the gate and walked down the driveway to await the return of the bird.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, she was back with a piece of fluff or a leaf in her beak and  in the blink of an eye she was among the cacti, and just as quickly she was gone.

Cautiously, I maneuvered to get a better view and this is what I saw.

Doesn’t look like much; just a bunch of wind blown detritus stuck to the backside of the cacti, right?

So I went back into the garden, walked around the other side, established a decent line of sight, pointed the lens, focused, and waited.

Look who turned up a couple of minutes later!

Female White Bellied Sunbird at her nest.


If all goes to plan, I’m going to be a Bird Daddy! How cool is that!