B.O.T.D. Cape Wagtail

Cape Wagtail. Once a regular but now an infrequent visitor. In fact, I have only photographed it twice before, so while not a spectacular bird a real treat to see it all the same. Ark. Check out  Bird of the Day   over at Granny Shot It   

Watch the birdy

Peek out! Female Amethyst Sunbird at the Aloes. Look out! Female Fiscal Shrike. Fluff out! Bronze Mannikins. Call out! Olive Thrush Watch out! Cape Wagtail 14/15/5/19 Ark

Watch the birdy.

  Barn Swallow. Photographed this afternoon. Rarely do they land anywhere viable for me to photograph. Then …. a very fortunate encounter! And I just happened to have the camera. How cool is that! Ark.