Beeing There.

Thyreus Bee   When these solitary bees want to take a break for a few minutes they latch on to a plant of their choice using their mouth parts and doze off. They remain in this horizontal position until they are ready to buzz off again.   Ark

Photographic Review 2017 – Bee-ing there.

27th January Honey bee about to make a pit stop on a Cosmos flower. ( Crab spider waits) 18th March. Carder Bee  – Afranthidium Immanthidium repetitum. 26th January. Front and Back view of Thyreus (Cuckoo Bee) asleep on Geranium. They maintain  this position by attaching themselves to the plant stem using their mouth parts where … More Photographic Review 2017 – Bee-ing there.

What’s the Buzz?

Last year I came across a Thyreus Bee (Cuckoo Bee) asleep on a Pelargonium. They use their mouth parts to grip whatever plant they choose and seem quite happy balancing in this fashion. They tuck their legs underneath themselves and proceed to have forty winks. I noticed another Thyreus having a late afternoon nap, only … More What’s the Buzz?