Bits n’ Bobs


Photo credit Ems.

African Woodhoopoe.

After a evening delivery the boss and I stopped to do a little late shopping at this pretty centre.

Black Collared Barbet

Common Fig Blue.

A few of my red onions had begun to bolt so out the ground they came. Drying off in the sunshine.

Nothing beats the taste of home grown veg.

Rebuilding the East Wall. Ernest getting stuck in! The man is a Titan.

This area of the lower part of the garden, the border between our place and my neighbour, Ben, was a mess of tangled, and deep rooted vine that had to come out.

Once it’s cleared a new foundation will be laid and the original stone wall put back.

Blossom on the Quince tree.

We are keeping fingers crossed we may get some fruit this year.

Unlike most of Europe, one has no need to get out the car to fill up or check tyres. Or so it was when I lived in the UK.

A clean windshield, and oil and water checks are all part of the service at garages all over South Africa.

Nice looking Muscle Car seen along Ridge Road the other day during walkies with Cindy.

Homeward Bound. Cindy on Frederick Street. Poor thing has been suffering a bit with arthritis in her hips. Getting older ain’t always fun.

This stretch of road always reminds me of Archaeopteryx (Arch) as it was he who told me what the trees were.

Home-grown spinach for a pie.

Driving out to a place called Waterfall to renew our driver’s licences.

The process of renewal has been such a mess for ages and with Covid the backlog means our licences expired up to a year ago. As it is, one generally has to apply for a temp licence and the full one will be ready in a couple of months.

Appointments are mandatory.

Aren’t the ”little boxes” in the foreground just awful? And to think, some architect was paid good money for such a soulless design.

Another flower cake that went out a couple of weeks ago.

Every pressed flower was picked from the garden. Caution was exercised to ensure nothing could lead to an upset tummy … or worse!

I was reminded of  a passage in a Terry Pratchett novel about how witches would test if some herb or plant was safe. Pratchett suggested it was used on an aunt one didn’t need!

Roses, Jasmin, and Alyssum. All picked from the garden.

Fiscal Flycatcher.

Egyptian Geese.

Photo credit Ems.

18 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

      1. Ha ha, Yes me too, I am 69 years young, I have loved your blog and your knowledge has been inspirational, even though I cannot remember much of it 🙂

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  1. Missed your pics (and of course, commentary). Good to see you’re still at it.

    That pic of your gas stop and extra services brought back memories. Now, with so many self-serve gas stations, the only window washing that’s done is by the customer. And even the few remaining stations that pump gas for you … that’s pretty much ALL they do.

    As for the rest of the pics, always enjoy you sharing a bit of your world with us. (Sorry about Cindy, but it happens. For them as well as us.)

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    1. BWAAAAA! “Full-service” gas stations? “ Full-service” companies or Customer Service? In the U.S.? HAH! 🙄🤣 What a joke!

      Just about every sector of the American business-economic sector with American consumers is totally Self-serve! In fact Ark/Nan, it is so incredibly bad today that we American consumers SHOULD be paid salaries for doing all the company’s work/jobs (that we do business with) when on the phone or on location! Because every bit of it is FREAKIN’ EFFIN computerized… so the company can make bigger profits and generate more revenue while NOT offering/paying human employees wages (payroll expense) or health-medical, dental, optical, or Worker’s Comp in accidents!

      Abe Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address needs to be changed to…

      …that these Consumers shall not have gone exploited and bankrupt in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of profits—and that Corporate America, of its Ex-O’s, by the corporation and their Ex-O’s, for the corporation’s Ex-O’s, shall not perish from this monetary, unequal Earth.

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    2. Cindy is now on meds, and I’m not sure if such ‘walkies’ will be viable in the future.
      Of course she is always game, but to have to watch help limp around the house afterwards and grumble and yelp when she puts a foot wrong is worth the small respite of walking out.
      At first there was a suggestion of a tumour, but after X rays this turned out not to be the case, thank goodness.
      We will play it by ear and see how things go.

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      1. I TOTALLY understand as my 13-year-old Mini-Schnauzer is severely crippled as a result of a partial spinal injury about 8 years ago. As she has aged, she’s having more and more difficulty navigating, but her SPIRIT is awesome so, as you said, sometimes you just have to see how things go and hope for the best. I did just start her on Cannanine (heard of it?) and am hoping it will help ease her discomfort.


        1. Cannanine? Sounds like a bronze -age Semitic tribe to me?
          You aren’t obliged to perform some weird ritual before administering the drug, I hope?
          Cindy takes a powder specifically for older doug’s … I mean dogs, and tabs to help reduce swelling.
          We have also now taken all the dogs off kibble completely and feed them a raw diet.
          But dogs will be dogs and we are having to try to stop her bolting to the gate to bark every time a client or delivery arrives.


          1. Cannanine: “Organic hemp CBD oil for dogs and cats” — especially for dogs experiencing ongoing issues with mobility. A natural pain reliver. (And in case you’re wondering, there’s no THC!)

            I recently heard about it through and decided to give it a try. I got the twice-a-day “chews” (they also have oils) and she’s had five so far. She’ll never again be able to navigate normally, but she does seem to be a bit more active and alert (less pain?), so we shall see.

            You (or anyone else) can read more about it at

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          2. We will investigate.
            Ems tells me oil is sold here in pet shops,and it is kind to be less expensive than drugs from the vet.
            Thank you for this, Nan. 🙂

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  2. Once again Arky, fantastic photos… from Em and yourself! I am particularly fond of two images:

    1 — the Common Fig Blue and your garden, and…

    2 — the American Chevrolet Camaro “Muscle-car”… because, well… in my wild, daring, suave James Dean sort of high school days I had ALL KINDS of (ill)legal and/or immoral good times in/with my 1979 Chevy V-8 (fast) Camaro. I won’t go into details here since your grandma reads your Family-oriented blog. 😉

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    1. The house where the Chevy shot was taken has recently been sold. The new owners seem to be in the service/ restoration business,but this is the first time I’ve seen such a cool car parked outside.

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      1. And cool too cuz it’s AMERICAN MADE!!! 🇺🇸 “ Land of the Free, home of the Depraved…” or something like that. 😉

        Well, actually… I think there are probably several/many internal parts that are NOT American made. 🇨🇳 🇯🇵 🇩🇪 Hell, maybe I should just say… Humans-from-Earth made? 😄

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    1. Within a month the veggie patch will explode!
      If everything grows according to plan we should have an abundant harvest come Christmas time.
      Another step toward self-sufficiency on the veggie front.

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