Bits n’ Bobs

Fiscal Flycatcher giving me the eye.

Crested Barbet. Not too many sightings of this colourful and somewhat noisy visitor this year.

Young Rain Spider discovered in one of the outbuildings.

Burger Cake.

Butterfly Cake

Shark Cake I

Shark Cake II

Cape White Eye

Common Bulbul

Rare Sighting: Female Cardinal Woodpecker.

Out and About…

Baby on Board. Traditional ‘Carriage’.

Toy Train. Takes kids around one of the Malls.

Into the Sunset.



37 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

  1. Ark, I can’t get over how incredibly talented Em is with her decorated cakes. WOW! 😯 You have a remarkable yard, garden, and home for wildlife my Friend. Makes me an eensy-weensy bit jealous. πŸ˜‰

    Hey, got something specifically for YOU from our little patio garden that’s watching our geraniums!!! (see below Tell me if you can find the critter…

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        1. What exactly do you suppose it is? Did I get close enough to tell? She was a bit awnry, or terrified when I kept getting closer. At one point when I got too close, she reared up with her massive claws and crouched into pounce-n-lock mode! She was FIERCE I tell ya! πŸ˜„


          1. From your added description, it’s probably a praying mantis. If so, I take back my distaste as they are actually pretty cool little insects.

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          2. World renowned?
            Hmm … A legend in my lunchtime more like.
            I shall endeavour to find the correct name. I am pretty sure I have a couple of shots with details in my files. Watch this space…

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          3. Haven’t turned up anything positive.
            Closest I can get is a green crab spider but they are not native to the US, apparently.

            Hold on a tic….
            It could be from the crab spider genus Runcinia.
            But yet again, not native to your part of the world. Of course, it could be an import?

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          4. Yeah, you’re having the same issue I was having—the closest resemblance was/is the Runcinia of the Thomisidae family. However, this lil darling did not have the long abdomen really. The Green crab spider has the same body type, but obviously was/is not green like its leaves. So…

            I turn its identification back over to you or someone in your field of carnivorous entomology. πŸ˜‰ I’m stumped.


          5. I think we need a clearer,more close up photo, Mr D.
            Could you pop out to the garden and have a word with your spider and ask her politely if she minds posing?

            Much appreciated

            Your friend in arachnids, Le Ark

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          6. As a matter of sketchy fact, I just this moment went out there with my Inspector Clouseau magnifying glass and like a fine forensic entomologist—subpar to you of course—examined closely all eight geranium pots, their luscious green leaves and every single bloom teetotaling 😁 at least 10 flowers per pot… and could NOT find even a hint of this elusive critter! Either she was a Virtuoso of Concealment & Camouflage, as many a female I’ve dated, or as I fear… my high-powered Quad-focals and magnifying glass are a bit antiquated.

            Do you think Nan might help us? After all, they’re both females, right!? πŸ˜‰


          7. And no! She wouldn’t sit still when I shot the initial three pics—thus the blurryness… or the high winds blowing my bi-pod of old footballing legs about! Or both I suppose. I have a new found greater respect for you Le Ark and your exceptional photography! Goodness, how do you do it!? Such a steady, calm hand, and charming of your garden critters to pose and sit still! Amazing Sir. πŸ˜‰

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    1. I liked the design of the Burger cake – the squeal of delight from the client when she picked it up this morning could be heard from my office -but a burger should be a burger . I’d never get my head around the taste of cake!

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    1. Thank you. Not the best bird photos but I like to keep my records up to date.
      Some avian visitors have been quite scarce of late.


    1. Thanks, Steve
      I shall pass on your nice comment to the baker and designer.
      They are always happy when their work brings a smile.
      Just unfortunate you can’t have a taste!

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