Bits n’ Bobs

Broom Salesman.

These chaps walk the suburbs selling their wares. They usually alert residents of their presence by loud whistles.  We are regular customers!


Magic Cake.

Out and About.

A few random photos during a drive to the suburb of Melville for stock.

Bridge graffiti passing through the suburb of Parktown.

”Men at Work?’

Probably looking at a hole in the ground, which seems to be the general practice of so many municipal workers the world over !

Johannesburg Skyline  from Melville.

Autumn Hues

Driving Up Louis Botha Avenue. In times past , before highways, this  was the main road between Johannesburg and Pretoria.

The Tower; approaching from The Wilds, a large park that was once a favourite for picnics and walks.

Back to the garden…

Chitting Potatoes.

Chitting is the posh term for sprouting. Don’t ask me why. That’s what  proper gardeners on the Youtubes call it. This, along with a whole lot of others, will be planted out in a couple of months

Peek a boo


And two rare visitors …

Southern Double Collared Sunbird.

Hardly ever get a visit from this beautiful little sunbird, so this was a treat. A very poor shot I’m afraid, but the light was so poor and I had just this one opportunity.

Reed Cormorant.

Three visits in all the time we’ve lived here. Again, I had chance of this one shot and she flew off.








28 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

    1. Anne
      No cows roaming the street though!”
      I suspect if this ever happened a few would likely end up on braais before you could say ”pap and vleis!”

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  1. Another fabulous cake and an intriguing look around your neighbourhood. It being Spring here, our chitted potatoes went in a while ago and the first earlies, growing well but not flowering yet, should be on our plates in June. 🙂


    1. We have a long growing season here and I still have a few plants in the ground.
      I am intent on going overboard with my planting next season in the hope we won’t have to buy any taters next year.

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      1. That would be good. We have only a small patch of spuds, one row of first earlies and one of 2nd earlies, no main crop, no space. 😦 Looking forward to fresh new minted ones in a few weeks. 🙂

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  2. Love that first shot. It’s turning history on its head somewhat. Seem to remember reading that some of the first European settlers in South Africa went in for this kind of trading.

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    1. I don’t recall seeing these chaps when we lived in our other properties. Then again, perhaps they were always there but I never noticed and simply thought the whistling was merely to attract attention from a friend or taxi?

      We also get a truck full of compost that cruises the suburb from time tot time.
      My next door neighbour, Dolly, buys from them a couple of times a year. I prefer to use my own compost, not knowing what goes into others’ product.

      I’m still at the early stages of composting so I haven’t managed to produce anywhere near enough. A work in progress.

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      1. It’s amazing how much compost one actually needs. Do you add shredded cardboard – always supposing you have cardboard to hand? The corrugated stuff seems to help to get things going, though it’s a bit of a faff ripping it up unless you let it get rained on first.


        1. Yes, I add cardboard. The eggs (for the business) come in cardboard boxes so after removing all the nasty bits (tape and staples) I add it to the piles. And also all the cardboard egg trays.

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  3. I’ve never heard that term – ‘chitting’. They’d be called seed potatoes here, and must go in the ground before May 24th in our area, I’m told. Since our (horrid!) experience with potato bugs, we’ve not planted any. Lovely shots of your area! Oh, and a local place has just sold here in the village – for 1.3 million – to people from South Africa. Yes, really. :). Methinks they might be in for a culture shock.


    1. They are seed potatoes. Chitting is the term when they begin to sprout.
      Chitting/ Sprouting simply allows one to -get ahead of the game- , you might say, and the potatoes
      Commercial potato farmers don’t use this method as they plant thousands of taters, but it’s fine for ordinary gardeners like me.

      I have not, to date, used certified seed potatoes, only store bought. However, the one in the picture is one of my own from the last harvest.
      Eventually I hope to have enough home-grown ones to plant for an entire season.

      Culture shock? Hmmm… I am wondering who is in for the bigger surprise!


  4. Nice shots, Ark. Good to see you up and at ’em. You’ve reminded me that I should really oughta post some snaps of life here in Norfolk (England). Trouble is, being springtime here makes it hard (if not impossible~!) to avoid shooting clichés all the time — and the local countryside is pure cliché. Ya want distant church spires? Ya want Norman castles? Ya want gorgeous greens? Ya want shattered flints, olde Roman walls, well loved country paths that have been such for unknown centuries? Sheesh … and our flat is known locally for its ghost. (I kid you not—haven’t seen it yet but if ever I do it will be just a quick look)(and a whole lot of rewriting of personal philosophy). BUT—
    —but I have heard the noise it is known for (we didn’t know when we were taking the flat)(wouldn’t have made any difference anyway, it suits us very well and I don’t mind the odd spooky feeling and unidentified sounds).

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m getting some nice-ish shots of green countryside, and made friends with a huge old horse; not a good move as I hate to disturb anyone quietly enjoying a mouthful of grass; every time he sees me he ambles over to say ‘Hi’ and all I really want to do is try for THE definitive English countryside shot.
        Countryside. Horse (headslap) …

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  5. Accidentally wrote this over on Nan’s blog. Yikes! 😬 Anyway, here’s what I said & asked in case she deletes it… lol


    Hey hey, got my TV set to UEFA Champions League Final!!! Do you have any fingernails left? hehe


    1. Was not the best of games by a long shot. Too many missed opportunities. Passing was often too short or too long, Salah looked off his game,losing control more often than not.
      ‘Tis only a game after all.
      Well done Real for making the most of the play when it came their way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, can’t argue with your summation of the game and both teams. I was pulling for your Reds—not just because I SORTA, a tiny smidgen, like you 😉 —but cuz I also dislike Real like we loathe Man U.

        Never been a big fan of Thibaut Courtois for a few of the same reasons Chelsea fans disliked his time with them, but as a fellow net-minder he did make 2-3 fine saves that kept Real in the game just enough. Otherwise, Liverpool were the better, more dominating team… just not in finishing as you point out.

        Yes, it’s just a game, a very entertaining, BEAUTIFUL game that over three-quarters of the world’s population goes bonkers over. 😉 Here’s to next year for our Gunners and Reds! 🍻


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