29 thoughts on “Adventures in Ratland!

          1. Honestly, I’ve long ago written off Arsenal. I hope Liverpool does indeed grab all 3-points just to make the push for the EPL title and that April 10th match at Etihad Stadium that much more elevated boiler-pressure! Ark, I know you want be nervous then at all, right? Relaxed as a oiled up beach-bum in Speedos on Copacabana Beach, eh!? 😁


          2. How about Andriy Yarmolenko for West Ham!? He’s on a great goal-scoring run at the moment… in EPL and Europa League! I absolutely love the fan-reception he gets—from both opposing fans & Hammers’ fans every time he scores!!! πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›

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  1. The sad thing about being a rat … is that you are a rat.
    And by the time you’ve finished explaining you’ve already been shot on sight or pounded into the ground like an animated tent peg. (Ya ever see the animated movie ‘Ratatouille’? Excellent work …)

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  2. Long time no post, Mr Ark … or have I missed something?
    Anyway, how’s our wee rat?
    I’m told they make great pets, just don’t let the neighbour’s cats (or your own) or for that matter, the neighbours come across him unannounced. Good luck~!


      1. Damn!
        You have my sincere condolences, Ark β€” been there, done that (kitten) so I do know what it’s like. Wee thing would have been a marvellous companion …

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        1. It’s always tough when we lose a ‘rescue’ and although we have saved far more than those we couldn’t the ones we lose tend to remain in the memory.
          C’est la vie

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