”Nee deep!”

Adult River Frog, contemplating freedom?

Rescued from the attentions of one of the cats this afternoon, and none the worse for wear.

After checking for any injuries it was placed by the edge of the pond and under the watchful eye of Ems and I after a few moments it hopped and went ‘plop’ into the water.

Another successful job for International Rescue!


9 thoughts on “”Nee deep!”

    1. And 2nd question if I may Mr. IR Extraordinaire…

      By saving these critters and hippity-hoppity snacks, how much of an impact are your interventions toppling the delicate balance of Evolution’s Natural Selection(s)? Are you becoming a Major Player in Earth’s future!!!? 🤭


  1. I’ve mentioned before that I consider myself as much part of nature as the next critter and any positive intervention on my part is merely a case of right place, right time.
    The older I get the stronger my aversion to killing or causing the demise of anything.
    It’s why I could never knowingly go back to eating other animals.

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