Sorry to bug you … mostly.

Unidentified species of fruit fly.( I think. Any help on the ID appreciated)

Species of Brown Shield Bug. One I had not encountered before. Nice surprise.

And talking of surprises!

Rain Spider and her egg sac. Found in one of the out buildings! Rare visitor these days so such a treat when I encounter one.

I am keeping a watchful eye for any pompilid wasps.

Acraea feeding on some Lavender in the back garden.

African Twig Mantis found hunting among the jasmine plant on the shed.

One of the Pumpkin Plants. Doing very well in the chicken run and unmolested, too!

Sacred Ibis. Photographed at  a retirement village we delivered to. I suspect my wife was subtly laying the groundwork by enquiring after rates and availability for me! Can’t trust these wimmin!

The village was very peaceful and has several such ponds with an abundance of birdlife. But, aside from the wildlife there seemed little activity and it was a  bit too quiet for my liking.

I prefer a bit more hustle and bustle, to be honest.

Back to base and back to the garden. The front garden to be precise.

Common Hairy Field Spider.

First Zucchini (Baby Marrow) of the season.

Yellow Arum.

Monster Cake.







14 thoughts on “Sorry to bug you … mostly.

  1. On the requested ID of first image, it appears to me to CLEARLY be either an infant XX121 or XY123, otherwise known from the Alien films as “Internecivus Raptus” or Xenomorph.

    Ummm, Ark… better hide your LV-246 terra-former colonists and any other appetizing animals there!!! 😬 And if you find any standing large eggs covered in slim, well buddy…

    You are F*CKED… royally!

    P.S. No comment on that tiny zucchini. 🤭


    1. Yes, it does have an alien quality about it.

      Reply to your pee ess. There are several rather large zucchinis already in the patch on the lower garden.
      They will pair nicely with the tomatoes that will be ready in a week or three.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahh, yummy. How veggie-mighty that sounds! 😉 As to your “pairing” of said plump red tomatoes (two?) with “rather LARGE zucchinis,” that does have a rather carnal ring to it stirring a “lower” sort of Garden of Savory Immorality. 😈

        Please do go on with these arousing stories. More, more! 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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