Bits n’ Bobs

Apparently it was World Kindness Day a few days ago.  Thanks to Sally over at my beautiful things for the inadvertent ‘Heads-Up’.

Being the atheist heathen I am I couldn’t think of anything kindly, other than to say ‘Hi” through gritted teeth to my son’s mate who is a Manchester United fan. And trust me, that was an effort.

But I did spot this while out and about …

Looking up Steyn Street while out with Ella

Orange Fly By – chop chop(er)!


On the subject of  ”chop chop”. While not quite oranges, these are from the same family.

Juicing a few more lemons the other day. What a joy only having to walk up the garden path a pick a few from one of the trees!


And talking of up the garden path…

First time I’ve had a go at growing broccoli. Harvested this for Sunday Lunch. Looks pretty good I’d say? There are a few more still growing. Number 7 manages to sneak into the picture.

First of the squash to show….

Most of the petals have fallen off but Mrs. Crab Spider seems content.


Peering up through the Pecan Nut Tree.  This hasn’t produced any fruit …. yet. Maybe  one day.

Yuccas in the lower garden.

Removing  this from the lower garden is proving to be tougher than first anticipated. The surrounding boulders aren’t helping either!

John Z showed a pic of a couple of Avocados he was sprouting in water. Here’s one that I planted directly into soil. I don’t know the variety but the fruit is not that big when ripe. The wife prefers this variety. You can just see the planting date on the marker – 7th July’21.

It’s about ready for planting out, but as these trees can grow rather large due consideration must be given as to where it’ll go.  I suggested smack in the middle of the lawn. My wife was not impressed.


And spotted this yesterday …

Caterpillar of the Citrus Swallowtail enjoying a snack on one of the lemon trees.

Small Blue … I think. (Brian, what say you?)

Meringue-topped vanilla chiffon. Went out Monday.

Emily’s Cakes


That’ll do for now …

And remember … try to be kind, if only to yourself . Or, if you are feeling magnanimous, a Man United fan!




22 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

    1. I must be honest , I rarely watch rugby. Men playing with funny shaped balls has never really been my thing!
      But the Aussies beat the Kiwis in the T20 Cricket World Cup final I heard?

      Liked by 2 people

    1. The caterpillars turn up every year. We have quite a few citrus trees , you see!
      I have reared a few indoors then released once they finish cocooning. Amazing to watch them.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m always kind to The Spouse. She responds in kind, the kind of thing I like (she’s my leading kindly light) … your cat looks perzackly like a cat I had too many years ago, and that lemon resembles wot in kiwi we used to call an uglifruit).
    And now I have to find (and when I do, shall post complete with explanatory babble a shot I took of a passing helicopter. It was a Canadian Navy chopper); a memory triggered by your helo bimbling by in this post …

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, so much to comment on, but so little time. 😒

    I will quickly say this and dart off back into Wistman’s Wood, Dartmoor. That image of Steyn Street is simply breath-taking Ark. Are those Crepe Myrtles or Wisterias? I can’t tell.


    1. Jacarandas, Mister D.

      Nice to see you poke your head round the door!
      Hope all is well in your neck of the woods?
      Not too many ‘Oil Spills’?


      1. Jacarandas, eh? Well they may just become my new all-time favorite tree. MY GOODNESS that must seem like a walk down the aisle at St. Paul’s Cathedral with honey bees a-buzzing everywhere to your new spouse, all wondering if it will last, yes? 😉 And the aroma must be out of this world!

        Ah, still on Damage Control duty, but things have settled a bit and we’re told that the investigation and litigation are going as well as can be expected. The major problem is my Mom’s severe dementia the last 18-months could be a problematic wrench in the cogs. 🙄

        We’ll get by. Thank you for asking Sir. ❤️

        Liked by 2 people

        1. In actual fact, , unlike Jasmin or Honeysuckle the Jacarandas have no discernible aroma.

          Regarding D. C, I suppose patience is the watch word?

          Liked by 1 person

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