Bits n’ bobs.

A glorious rainy day in Johannesburg. The crew and I have booked off the day and have just returned from having our ‘second shot’ ( different vac. site). All fine. No problems.

Here’s a few other ‘shots’ from the past few days.

Ella on Frederick amid some Purple Rain!

First small crop of carrots grown in a bucket. We had them with Sunday lunch.

‘Going to Seed’. A bit like moi! Allowing this onion to put out seed in the hope of producing something properly home grown.

Maserati seen on Oxford Road yesterday morning. The engine note when it pulled off …. wow!

We were on our way back from Sandton after driving out to get our second vaccination only to discover the venue – Discovery Park – was closed!  The Government Covid site states all vac. venues are open. Discovery’s own website states they are closed Sunday and Monday.  *Sigh*

In the old days we just picked up the phone.


Some wood carving/sculpture noticed while making a delivery run.

Patriotic owner or ‘flagship’ of the company?

Office Park on Oxford Rd.

Noticed this tree on the way home on Sunday and stopped to take a photo.

I picked up some of the fallen blossom but have been unable to identify it. Any takers?

Millie relaxing on the stoep

Rare flowering of the air plant (Tillandsia). Air plants are a member of the epiphyte family. This plant needs no soil to grow and gets its nourishment from the air. We have several of these amazing plants around the garden, mostly placed in the crook of trees or hung from branches.

Zucchini plant. Or Baby Marrow or Courgette if you prefer.

Calm before the storm. Yesterday afternoon twenty minutes before the heavens opened.



9 thoughts on “Bits n’ bobs.

  1. Those tree flowers look a bit like Japonica, maybe.
    Had my booster jab last week, not felt great since, that’s four jabs in nine months (including flu) the arm is a bit like a pin cushion!


    1. I felt nothing. In fact I didn’t even feel the needle this time around.
      It’s been about ten hours and still not even a twinge in my arm.
      The wife the same. No discomfort, zip.
      Ems said she felt a little numb in her hand as she did first time but when she moves or does work she says the numbness goes away. All good it seems.


  2. Nice phots Ark. I’m praying things continue to be” no problem”…time will tell….but you might want to make sure everything is in order just in case.


  3. The tree with the red flowers is possibly an Illawarra flame tree (Brachychiton acerifolius). A number of our streets are lined with them. Our jacarandas generally only bloom in December, so I will have to wait for the ‘purple rain’.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. (Deep) purple rain? It’s your time of the year for jacarandas. (Ours bloom in February-March)
    No idea what the red flower is. I think there’s an app where you can match plants, flowers and it tells you the species…
    Glad you got the 2nd shot.
    (We might have to fly to the US to get our third… New York sounds like a good option. Only 4 hours flight.)
    Congrats on the carrots. They look delicious. (In a bucket really?) You guys are amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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