Bits n’ bobs

It is another baking hot day here in Johannesburg. My phone app says 33 Real Feel 35. Supposed to go to the department of home affairs for updated id documents and whatnot. Booked off the day and then we get a message informing us that their computer systems are down. Oh really? Quelle surprise!

If it cools down a bit maybe I’ll pop out and get some more  cement and a few other building things we need for the lower part of the garden rebuild.

Meantime, Liverpool beat Atletico 2-0 last night in the champions league and the jacarandas are still in bloom. Here’s some blue sky and sunshine for all you lot up north contemplating Autumn.

Damn … where’s my iced tea and suntan lotion?

Frederick Street.

Cindy and me on Ridge the other morning.

Out and about for stock and a  bit of shopping in a nearby suburb called Bedfordview. Shots from inside the car as we whizzed along.

As you can see from the poster in the last shot, local elections are upon us.

Almost home ….

Gerard Street.

Fiscal Flycatcher.

And then the rain came down: 15: 40.

and hail …

After the rain … but probably more to come by the sound of it.

‘Let them eat cake!’ said the lady who lost her head.

These went out over the past couple of days.

The typewriter – also for a 70th birthday – is for a retired journalist. Fondant over chocolate chiffon. Every part is modelled from scratch (except the white box which was doing temporary duty as a support ) and edible, if you like fondant.

Fondant Arum Lillies drying prior to assembly and mounting on the cake. I got busy and forgot to take a photo of the finished article.  *Sigh*


18 thoughts on “Bits n’ bobs

    1. We are hoping the client will forward us a few photos.
      Yes, the Jacarandas are a feature here and especially in my suburb.


    1. Just returned from a delivery. It’s dark now and it has begun raining again. Typical African Highveld summer weather.
      Will work wonders for my veggies!

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    1. Typical Highveld storm, as I’m sure you’re familiar with, even if you’ve not experienced one!
      The hail wasn’t too bad so I’m hoping my leafy veggies aren’t shot through with too many holes!
      I will discover the answer tomorrow.


  1. We’re getting rain here in So. Oregon as well … but ours is a FALL rain, not a summer one. 😉

    Emily’s cakes continue to amaze me!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Emily’s cakes continue to amaze me!!

      I only post the best bits of the business. Maybe I should do a couple of posts on the mayhem we sometimes go through?

      Y’know, as a sort of reality check!

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      1. Oh I’m sure there are LOTS of behind-the-scenes activities … even perhaps a bit of profanity at times? Nonetheless, the finished products ARE amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh there are definitely mishaps along the way. A lot fewer these days, thank goodness.
          Imagine, against all common sense and our own warnings a client sending an Uber to collect a two tier cake then phoning half hour later to inform us it had collapsed and could we do something to help?
          Yes, we have the occasional crisis like this.

          Time is often the worst ‘enemy’ and large corporate orders require ‘all hands to the pump’ and spot on coordination.
          For a small business it can sometimes test the limits of family love and patience!
          But we manage to muddle through.

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  2. West Ham’s first goal vs. L’pool not valid!!! Allison was clearly fouled/pushed in the back by #9 Michail Antonio!!! What’s the point of damn VAR if the assistants DON’T HELP the Referee make 99.99% correct calls after every review!? 😡🤬

    Pffffft! Effin useless technology used by useless referees. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Liked by 1 person

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