Having your cake and …

In the eighties, even while Apartheid was is full swing, South African music was beginning to emerge from the doldrums.

Most of you will be aware of the band Ladysmith Black Mambazo, if not familiar with their music.

While the majority of SA musicians were forced to ply their trade  on home soil, there were a few who gained a modicum of international recognition: Johnny Clegg, Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, being three.

Guitarist Trevor Rabin left SA shores and became a member of  a reformed Yes . Owner of a lonely heart being their biggest ‘hit’, from the 1983 studio album 90125.

As a way of promoting SA music to a wider local audience a local radio station, 702, began playing local music – something that was practically unheard of on ‘white’ radio stations.

In 1985 the station also helped promote an open air festival called Concert in the Park, featuring an All South African line up. It was a benefit concert for Operation Hunger and was an excellent showcase for SA Music.

I was one of over 125,000 people at the concert and it was a sweltering hot day in January. I got sunburned. Typical!

One of the bands, Harari featured Sipho ‘Hotstix’ Mabuse, who, a year earlier had released a solo single called  Burn Out, which sold over 500,000 copies and has become his signature tune.

In South Africa he is regarded as somewhat of a legend.

Yesterday he turned 70 and Emilys Cakes was privileged to be asked to bake his birthday cake, which was delivered to a rather posh restaurant in Soweto.

Apologies for the pic quality. The photo was taken from behind glass in the wine cellar of the restaurant. Not guilty! 



17 thoughts on “Having your cake and …

    1. The cake was assembled on site. As you can see the wine ‘cellar’ is open for all to see behind glass and this was the only available space (and cold enough) for Emily to work. She had the entire packed restaurant gawking at her as she put the cake together!
      “I felt somewhat intimidated. It was like being a live exhibit in a glass box!”

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        1. We are usually up to our eyeballs these days but new clients are always welcome and they bring new challenges as well, which is good too,as it’s important in maintaining creativity.


    1. It probably was. My neighbour knows him personally and she says that women still ”throw themselves” at him even at his age.
      I don’t get it: looks, wealth, the ‘rock star’ lifestyle? What’s all that about, eh?

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