”I’d like to see his length under these conditions.” Natalie Germanos earlier this afternoon referring to the action of one of the South African fast bowlers while  commentating at the T20 Cricket World Cup match between South Africa and Sri Lanka.




10 thoughts on “Howzat?

  1. Call me clueless, but you’ll have to fill in the details. Why is the textile-free man being accosted by the cricket player? Is he an anti-nudist?


    1. That is Greg Chappell (Australian captain) whacking a streaker in the early 80’s. Don’t ask me how it began, but the streak is (or at least was) a crucial part of Australian sporting events. Cricket is rather slow, and a streaker made for fun. The commentators (all deadpan) would even call it.

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    1. ‘Bout time the Yanks learned a proper game instead of that bloody silly rounders they play in a ‘World Series’ in which only they and a couple of others compete!

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