Watch the Birdy

Red-Throated Wryneck.

Told you we’d get a front view!

Photographed early this morning by Ems. I was still in bed!

Cape Wagtail.

Photographed Friday

Streaky Headed Seedeater.

Not the best shot but the first time I’ve seen this species the whole year.

Greater Double-Collared Sunbird.

Not sure of the ‘thing’ on its beak. Doesn’t feature in any online pics.

Long distance shot Photographed atop the neighbours’ privet.

A rare visit indeed and a real treat!




13 thoughts on “Watch the Birdy

  1. What a WONDERFUL shot of the Red-throated Wryneck! Believe me, I know how difficult they can be to capture. I like the unusual view of the Streakyheaded Seedeater too. It will be interesting to know if anyone can identify the appendage on the sunbird’s beak – a tick perhaps? That doesn’t make sense – worth a try though to get the thinking balls rolling.

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    1. Maybe. I plan to post it on a site on Facebook and see if one of the clever clogs there knows. Shall keep you all updated if we get an answer.


  2. Your bird shots always make me miss our garden in Nairobi. I remember we had weaver birds, but not much more. And there were probably many other birds around. Ah! Young and foolish…

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    1. Sorry,I missed your comment, Brian.
      I’d wager your old garden was home to a ton of birds but unless one is actively out ‘spotting’ most go unnoticed.

      Once I made the decision to catalogue the birds it seemed a case of…. ‘And there they are!’
      After a while one becomes familiar with individual calls so when ever one of us hears something previously unheard the shout goes out: “Bring the camera! “, and then it’s all eyes looking up!

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      1. Spotting indeed. I guess being 15 in Nairobi, one was interested in other bird spotting…
        And you add on another dimension: the specific “song” of each…
        Thanks for sharing,.

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