Leading you up the garden path

The temperature has plummeted over the past two days and along with the seasonal high winds we are all back to thick jerseys.

But life goes on irrespective of the weather …

Building work continues … one of a few drainage holes put in place during the partial rebuild of a section of the retaining wall. I saw this method for relieving hydraulic pressure on a YouTube video – bless ’em, so I asked  our builder to follow the example. Looks okay, and should help when the heavy summer rains arrive.

First blossom on the wild plum tree in the driveway.

As the lower half of the property won’t likely be completely cleared and sorted before the end of the year I threw in some potatoes and a few potato slips that were left over in a patch of soil I raked together. Ella came along to inspect.

Lo and behold…. a few have begun to peek above ground.

On another piece of soil I hastily raked and mulched, a few lettuce. These seedlings we picked up at the nursery the other day – in case the seeds I sowed in the main garden don’t take! And these are perfectly safe from the attentions of the chickens!

Grown from simple cuttings and planted last year this  patch of lavender has really come into it’s own these past few months. I have already picked flowers for biscuits and even used cuttings as a mulch for small pots.

Something else I saw on You Tube. While I was looking for biodegradable pots I came across this clever idea – planting seeds in loo rolls.

When they are ready for planting out they can go straight into the soil, no removing delicate seedlings to replant and no risk of damaging fragile roots.

In this planting are tomato seeds.  Nothing has germinated yet,  but I’ll post pics when there’s something to show.

In the ice cream tub are butternut seeds – I didn’t have enough loo rolls on hand.

The raised bed I moved and reconstructed has begun to bear fruit – in a manner of speaking. First planting of potatoes plays peek-a-boo amid the straw mulch.

The old metal fence laid on top is to deter the chickens.

”Baby it’s cold outside,”


10 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path

    1. It is an on going mission! A learning curve.
      As we don’t pen the chickens in and give them free reign, this method has proved to be the most effective so far. I am waiting for the moment they work out how to drag the old fence off the bed.
      If this happens I shall hang a sign in their coop that reads:
      Remember: Behave or you could be in the next barrel of McNuggets!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. My goodness Ark! You have a sweet plot of land there Sir! Certainly will keep YOUR sketchy brain and well-toned muscular physique busy, fit, and sore in the evenings. Surely you have an ice-bath that EPL players dunk in, right? Then a nice large bubbling hot jacuzzi to lounge inside… you know, for rehab, yes? 🙂

    Would sure enjoy an entire video-tour of all ya’lls hard work when finished. That would help us Yanks over here gain some perspective as to its beauty and size. Here in Texas… it’s always about “SIZE” ya know. 😛 Because we tend to have umm, exaggerated presumptions of our size/scales here you’d sure help a man’s engorged ego here gain proper perspective! 😁


    1. I ‘ll see what I can do. I’ ve tried before for my folks but the signal fades. Maybe I can use a mobile Internet thingy. They call it a dongle over here.
      Watch this space…

      Liked by 1 person

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