Cold as Ice – Bits n’Bobs

While snow fell in various parts of the Cape, late last night at our spot the temperature plummeted to minus 3. No snow, but a tad chilly nonetheless!

This morning: Chickens on ice? Danny inspects the ice circle emptied from the dog’s water bowl.

Two days ago. A  burst water main just up the road on Frederick Street left a stream of water all along the road for several hundred metres.

What Ella and I saw this morning during walkies.

The council repaired the burst late yesterday but the freezing temperature ensured what hadn’t evaporated froze.

Yours truly  does his version of Scott of the AntARKtic.

Don’t let the blue sky fool you, it was freezing.

Ice shards ejected from the hose when I turned on the borehole once the sun had been out for a bit.

Thick smoke like this regularly appears on the horizon at this time of year. As I’ve mentioned before, one can only hope it is just burning off scrub/old grass from the koppie. Though, if this is what’s happening, why they feel the necessity to do this I don’t know.

Building work on the lower part of the property continues …

… and taking longer than anticipated. Doesn’t it always? So I cleared a bit of land and prepared a patch of soil for some taters!

A rather nasty looking crack in the retaining wall revealed the remnants of a large tree root ( already dug out) once the soil had been removed!

Repairs are underway.

And other work continues also.

When you’re feeling blue … have a blue cake!

Collected this afternoon.

Emily’s Cakes



25 thoughts on “Cold as Ice – Bits n’Bobs

  1. And in the West, they’re predicting another HEAT WAVE! It’s difficult to imagine the differences in the world’s weather from the participant’s POV.

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    1. we’ve had what can only be charitably called a chilly summer, we’ve had about three days at 90, which isn’t overly dreadful, but the rest of the summer has hovered around 70 deg. or less. We’ve had a few morning fires to take the chill off. I keep thinking, if it’s this chilly now, what will winter be like…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Sheesh! You must have looked like the Michelin Man.
          In this shot I am wearing t-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt, jersey and coat.


          1. What you are missing is a thermal top.
            On the night that we were to summit, I wore a thermal top, a t-shirt, sweater, jumper, jacket and another jacket.

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          2. Well, Jhb is high up, but not THAT high.
            I’ll skip the thermal top and snuggle up to the missus!
            She loves my cold feet! Lol!


      1. We’ve have 4 come close to the house this year. No more grazing and less wildlife makes the underbrush deadly. Panama burns it off every year too to keep it safe. The fire in the pic has burned 1300 sg/km

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    1. It warmed up a bit during the day but it’s almost 22:00 here and it is bloody freezing again!
      How are you on going toe to toe with word salad religious oddballs who love to compose such delights as a three quarter page philosophical screed about a proper theological frame leading to a logical compulsion for God and the messiah? .. or something.


      1. Sounds delicious. Going to be popping in and out over the weekend, and might dance naked tonight under the big ol’ moon, but I might dip my toe in. Been having fun with Insanitybytes over the last few days, so I am feeling rather mischievous.

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  2. Meanwhile, here in the land of an arrogantly Lone Star and an overabundance of dense, illiterate redneck cowboys and cowgirls with cornucopias of weaponry (no licenses or safety training required), we DON’T contemplate what will happen when our electric power grid collapses again due to EXTREME heatwaves… ala February’s deep freeze that turned this very proud state… powerless!!! And several of our state Senators & Representatives of the big proud GOP left the country to vacation in tropical oases to sit out the tragedy. 🙄

    And our state’s motto to the world? “Friendship” of all effin contradictions!!! 🤣

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