A Mini Marvel!

Collected  yesterday.

I’m not sure if the nipper appreciated the cake, but Mum and Dad seemed suitably impressed!

Individual hand-made petals over fondant. Diamante ribbons. Two tier chocolate and vanilla chiffon.

Mini is made from fondant and every single facet is hand-crafted and coloured from scratch.

Emily’s Cakes





15 thoughts on “A Mini Marvel!

  1. HOW can ANYONE cut into this masterpiece? (I hope they took plenty of pictures before they demolished her work for personal gratification!)

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      1. She outdid herself this time, Ark. I can almost hear Walt Disney’s ghost, ready to tell her about copyright infringements. That’s amazing work, there.


        1. My father makes a point of telling her ” … you know it skips a generation?”
          I am inclined to agree with him! And yes, she is an absolute star.


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