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    1. About 5/6 kms away there was some trouble in a suburb called Jeppestown on a long drag called Jules Street. Cars were torched and a dealership destroyed. Some shops wrecked and looted. Otherwise nothing.
      Apart from a garage (which has a shop on the forecourt) our suburb is almost completely residential so there is nothing really to loot.


        1. Ah, my mistake. And no doubt the idea behind trashing everything is to create more jobs for other people who have certain skills with a broom?
          The wife has a cousin who lives in Durban. I spoke to her husband last night. He said nothing much is moving at the moment. No fuel, little food and folks are helping each other out where they can.
          It’s been suggested martial law should have been imposed from the moment the looting began.


    1. Jokes aside, these shots are all from around KwaZulu Natal/Durban as far as I can surmise.
      This is where the real heavy shit is and Durban is 600 kms plus from Johannesburg.

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    1. There’s way too much sh1t on this stuff right now. Just Google riots and looting in South Africa, Mister D, and pick yer poison.


    1. The child was dropped to people after the building was set ablaze by looters.
      The fire brigade arrived and got the other residents out.


        1. Well, the USA certainly has the same socioeconomic problems here too, especially in the Deep South, Southwest, and Midwest too.

          John, I have never understood why people/mobs, sane or pseudo-sane, ever think that lethal or maiming violence, property destruction, looting/theft, verbal or physical abuse can ever accomplish necessary change. Mahatma Gandhi proved over and over that non-violent, non-lethal, non-maiming PASSIVE protest works not just for the long-term, but mid-term and short-term—yes, even when it seems unbearably slow—are the most dignified honorable methods of necessary change. 😔

          However, I am not at all saying that stagnate indifference by all those “elites” in power and with the resources to significantly do something—the Haves vs The Have-nots—should be untouchable, applauded demi-gods as if a superior race/person deserves multi-generational segregation without a drop of philanthropy either. Whether the wealthy, highly educated Moguls/Barons of a people like it or not… in the end, we ALL sit on toilets the same with the same basic needs. No amount of power, wealth, or property changes that universal common denominator ever.

          As not just a metaphor… but instead of making walls or moats with draw-bridges (opulent gated communities), we should be making bigger lunch-dinner tables with genuine Welcome mats and large, full buffet-style Lazy Susans on all the tables.

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          1. ‘The poor will always be with you’
            One bloke who owned a small, 2nd hand car dealership on Jules Street here in JHB, was targeted during xenophobic riots a while back and he considered he was lucky to have not been killed. This time round his dealership was torched and he lost 35 cars ( I think this was the figure quoted).
            Insurance companies won’t entertain people/businesses like his because of the risk factor. They know from past experience that when the shit hits the fan in Africa it so often seems to be a black on black violence first and then the spillover happens after.
            The car dealer, like so many small in dependants has had his business wiped out. He too has a family to feed and now he has jack shit – destroyed by his ‘own people’.
            And yet these fucking looters and their ilk will, in the main, still vote ANC at the next election.

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          2. I won’t say that the same level of stupidity doesn’t exist here. HAH! But it does.

            I certainly don’t know WHAT all perfect “silver-bullets” would be for this type of centuries old socioeconomic problems. But I do know that violent stealing, looting, destroying, and killing (individuals or their families) is the ANTETHISIS of the outcome an insane Mob wants. Duh!

            Time and time again, decade after decade we Primates prove over and over that we are often no more evolved than our wild ape cousins and their violent, selfish behaviors. 😔 You and your family please be very safe my Friend.

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          3. A whole lot of that going around Ark! 🙄 Every day that I’m out in public here in redneck Texas, I run into at least 1-2 idiots who have some asinine, uneducated excuse NOT to get fully vaccinated. Some days it’s worse than two. 🤦🏻‍♂️

            And get this unfathomable fact/reality… only about 48%–49% of Texans today are fully vaccinated!!! 😲🤯 And this is FIVE MONTHS after truck loads of all 3 vaccines have been super easy to acquire and be done with it. 🤦🏻‍♂️

            Meanwhile, many 3rd world countries don’t have vaccines and here in Texas we have millions of doses just sitting in refrigerators… expiring. 💔


          4. Mobs are ugly, Professor. The idiots here burn buses, and even tore down a water pumping place a few weeks ago, then wonder why the poorer areas have terrible infrastructure and public transport.

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          5. Odd isn’t it?
            As most realise it is the government … or lack thereof that is so often the cause, why not target government institutions?
            Perhaps someone might get shot … with real bullets!

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  1. On the bright side, I’m stoked to see that SA police have adopted diversity, inclusivity and equity (DIE) policies permitting the morbidly obese to join their ranks.

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    1. It seems that the members of the SAP have a different understanding of the term ‘well rounded’.
      The only time you are likely to encounter the term ‘slim’ would be when it includes the word ‘ chance’.

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        1. Hilarious in a not funny at all way.
          For example. A textile factory was torched., razed to the ground! All jobs lost.
          Local owners.

          Initially, police did farkall.
          Bit like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.
          My wife’s cousin and her family are in Durban.
          I messaged her husband last night. No fuel, Precious little food, nothing moving in or out.
          People are going to go hungry and you know how cold it gets here in the winter.

          I can understand the protests during the bleak days of Apartheid, but this is largely motivated by tribalism and good old fashioned criminality.
          It’s like a modern day version of Zulu wars.
          They should have first put the military on full standby, then invited Zuma to stand against a sunny wall, and offered him a cigarette.

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          1. I don’t understand why they felt the need to burn down properties.
            And come to think of it, Zuma was president for over 8 years iirc, they should protest at his home for government failure during his time or if they felt like the jailing is unfair, bring down the prison walls

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          2. I don’t understand why they felt the need to burn down properties.

            In any sort of mob style violence the vulnerable, be it property or people are always the first to be targeted.

            If you’ve seen the film Black Hawk Down you’ll know what I mean.
            Some estimates put the number of people who starved to death as a direct result of controlling food supplies during the Somali conflict was around 300,000!
            That’s not a rebel uprising, that’s genocide!

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  2. I came in to leave a comment hoping that you are safe and far from trouble and discover that you are. For some reason your last few posts have not reached me so I was worried. I have resubscribed!
    It makes for sad reading and listening to our news as people destroy their own and cause harm to their own. Stay safe dear Ark.


    1. We’re all right. Went out this morning to Makro (large warehouse group) to buy stock. All quiet on the Western Front, as they say. There were two large Makro-owned trucks being loaded to take food etc down to Durban.
      Too much corruption, too much self interest. Sadly, the face of much of Africa.

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  3. This is insane. I just saw the clips of looters (yes, I live under a rock at times) and I was stunned by this. These are angry, angry people, and it feels like someone knew how to get ’em up and moving, for good or ill. And once a mob starts pulling things apart, it just grows and grows.
    Be safe, Ark.

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    1. These are angry, angry people,…

      Many of these looters arrived in cars and mini vans!
      Seems more opportunistic rather than angry.


  4. As I read your more detailed comments of what happened, I couldn’t help but think about the possibilities of something the same or similar happening here. Sure, we have riots … and they burn buildings, overturn vehicles, shoot people … but from the pictures you shared, this was a monster-sized eruption. And the sheer number of people that are/were affected is mind-boggling.

    One wonders what is happening within the human race that such violence and destruction is becoming the rule rather than the exception.

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    1. There are any number of theories, views, opinions.
      In the South African context the legacy of Apartheid inevitably becomes part of the dialogue at some point.
      I doubt it will ever go away entirely.
      The widening gulf between haves and have nots will also be raised,
      And of course common or garden criminality is in the mix. A large part of it.
      But the worst is the sheer incompetence of Government and the staggering amount of corruption; a factor that is mentioned but rarely addressed in any meaningful manner.

      Almost thirty years down the line after the country got democracy and this is what we have?
      Our neighbour, Dolly is Zulu and she has oodles of family in Kwazulu Natal/Durban. She is both worried and angry. Mostly angry.
      My other neighbour, Ben is Nigerian. He always gets the jitters whenever this sh1t starts.
      I don’t have the answer, Nan. And even if I did, I wonder if it would make a damn bit of difference in any case?

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    2. One wonders what is happening within the human race that such violence and destruction is becoming the rule rather than the exception.

      Nan, I know THIS is at least one glaring reason: any words and/or actions that incite violence, exclusion, anger, extreme poverty, rage, excessive incarceration, segregation, no public/free quality education (NOT religious based education!) and promotes less civil dialogue are unequivocally the culprits. Period!

      Care to list people/examples who speak/behave in those manners? Both past and present?

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      1. Of course this narrows it down somewhat (and especially highlights those in our country), but it is a malady that seems to be affecting humans in general. There just seems to be so much ANGER!

        Pushing the envelope a bit, I wonder if perhaps the effects of climate change is affecting people at a core level. It just seems something is happening — and it’s much larger and more severe than the things you listed.

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        1. Totally agree. I just felt the need to point out at least ONE obvious reason.

          To your last point about “It just seems something is happening…” archaeology, ancient geology, paleoanthropology, paleontology (dinosaurs), and exhaustive Biotic Earth Crises, e.g. The Great Oxidation Event or Cretaceous–Paleogene Event, we mostly stupid primate Homo sapiens are not collaborative enough, or inclusive enough, or more precisely Eusocial & Superorganistic enough… to save ourselves DESPITE having the most magnificent intelligence—along with chimpanzees, elephants, parrots, dolphins, certain crows and other bird species, dogs & cats, Orca whales, etc, et al—on the planet!!! Most of all our cognitive ability for abstract future thinking and future probabilities!!! Now riddle me that one please! 🤦‍♂️

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  5. This is democracy in action! Mob rule. And all the mob needs now is a strongman to lead it back into ‘law and order’. Any thoughts or predictions who this might be?

    Democracy isn’t a virtue unless it’s paired with individual legal authority (liberalism) that is enforced. This necessarily includes capitalism. In the meantime, it looks from here like SA is well on its way to being a failed state.

    I often wondered what 27 years of ANC rule might look like – a ruling party that fostered open graft on a national scale and in economic policy towards larger employers – and was protected from legitimate criticism using the charge of racism at anyone who tried to interfere with widespread corruption politically. I have heard the lovely sounding phrase used each election by the ANC of ‘building for a better future’. Now we know what this looks like in Durban. An Indian friend says his community somewhere in or around Durban is armed to the teeth. Nice way to live. Good grief.

    Who could have predicted that with 11.5 million unemployed (plus dependents) and growing, throw in Covid restrictions, throw in corrupt officialdom and criminal gangs siphoning off the gains of local capitalism, throw in police on the take, might all this result in a situation like this? Who could have known.. except… maybe everyone?

    I don’t know, Ark: is it time yet for vigilante militias in your community? Time to hunker down and hope it all goes away? Time to think maybe emigrating is a better option than staying?

    What a shit show.


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