Leading you up the (winter) garden path.

Grey Lourie.

Painted Lady warming its wings in the afternoon sun.

Garden Commadore 2

Garden Commodore


Beetle. Not sure which one. Ringo, perhaps?


Millie pauses for a drink.


Bee in Strelizia.


Egyptian Goose on Neighbour’s roof

Speckled Mousebird

Speckled Mousebird in neighbour’s Privet.


One of the Blues, maybe? but which one. Brian?


17 thoughts on “Leading you up the (winter) garden path.

    1. Actually, it once reached waaaay past my shoulders.
      These days, what remains occasionally peeks out to greet the dawn, wafts about in the breeze for a few moments then usually declares: ”Nope! and disappears back down into its follicle.

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          1. Well my fine footballing Friend, BOTH of us are heartbroken, huh? 😥 Your 3-Lions lost in a very well-played, well-fought match against the Azzurri, lost in PK’s unfortunately… and my Pequenas Canárias lost to Argentina in a not-so-beautiful match—way too many fouls and flopping to the pitch to “play” the Referee!—although I think my loss is more tolerable because I DO love Messi. ❤️ I’m so happy he finally won his first International Trophy and played (of course) exceptionally well! I’ve always been loyal to Lionel as the best GOAT in the game, rivaled only by 2-3 former greats. IMHO, Messi is by far and away better than CR7 (Ronaldo) for the simple fact that Messi is a much, MUCH better team player and playmaker for his club and nation.

            Now my USMNT did win (barely) over Haiti last night 1 – 0, but it was for the most part our 2nd & 3rd string players who squeaked by. Whew. 😬

            And I can’t tell you how furiously sad I am about English fans trashing the three African-American players for their PK’s! That is just worse than bullies on the playground abusing little girls—I mean how inhuman can those butt-fart numbskulls be!? Unbelievable! 🤦‍♂️ And here in CONCACAF I thought Mexican fans with their non-stop racial & prejudiced chants to players and opposing teams was bad. WTH!!!??? 😔


  1. Sorry Ark can’t say I recognise that underwing pattern, shame no top wing but they never co-operate when needed. Must say it looks more like a Pieridae (white or yellow). Love that Commodore.

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    1. I looked at some of my files and you may be right. I didn’t index this straight away and the image has been on one of my cameras for a week or so.
      The commodores have been scarce this year.
      (Probably ‘cos Lionel Ritchie left them)

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          1. That’s the spirit, cherub!

            But seriously, that was cruel… and that’s coming from someone still fantastically bitter with England for stealing the rugby world cup from Oz.

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