Bits n’ Bobs

Every year around this time we are subject to scenes like this. We believe it is the burning of scrub on the koppie. Not pleasant!

A few Sweet Potatoes I grew in an old dog biscuit bucket. Turned out better than I hoped.

Adorabelle having a nap in the afternoon winter sun.

In Silhouette. Hadeda Ibis

Ella after a roll in the dry grass. All dogs seem to love doing this and it is fun to watch them enjoying themselves. The fun stops, however, when yells coming from inside the house alert us that the dogs have taken their game indoors, and likely to the bedroom!

Fiscal Shrike on the coral tree. They like to perch here and survey the garden for prey.

Two minutes later ….

A Fiscal Flycatcher takes up station in the same tree. For a moment I thought it was the same bird but closer inspection shows why it isn’t.

Can you spot the differences?

First bloom of the Coral Tree.

A new raised bed, completed yesterday and planted with potatoes.

Carrots. Spinach, Garlic and onions in tubs were planted a month or so ago. Not self sufficient in any of this by a long chalk, but having a few of the basics such as these on hand is an absolute joy.

Early morning on Ridge Rd.

Egyptian Goose. (The mark on the chest is natural)

In the absence of masks a Hadeda Ibis and an Egyptian Goose practise social distancing like good citizens.

”An apple a day, brings the birdies our way.”

Cape White Eye.





9 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

  1. Good photos and good for you having a raised planting bed. You might want to add some sand to your growing mix for the sweet potato. They will be string free on the inside and a more uniform shape.( My Dad grew the best)

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  2. Very interesting shots! Especially liked the silhouette. 🙂

    The second bird looks much fatter! But I would guess there might be another difference that you will share with us?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We have shrikes here, too, but they are my least favorite bird, since the day I saw one chasing down a Chickadee and the look of terror on the poor thing’s face. They’re the only carnivorous song bird we have…

        I did notice the tail markings seemed different between the two birds…

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  3. The first shrike has a mostly white tail with a long vertical black stripe, and a beard under its beak. The other has a mostly black tail with two horizontal white bands, and no beard.

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