12 thoughts on “Having your cake and ….

      1. Hahaha! “A bit“? Come on now you stoic hooligan. You danced, screamed, and bounced off the walls and ceilings, didn’t you!? πŸ˜‰ How many living room items did you knock over, off, shook, or broke? πŸ˜›


          1. 🀣 My Friend, you are sounding eerily like ME now! Mo Salah? (that cracked me up!) Have you forged his British Work Permit yet? Citizenship on his passport? Convinced his entire family in Egypt that he is actually English? Like a Woolyback or Scouser? πŸ˜„

            I do the same wishing for footballers too, to be really American. LOL

            HOWEVER, my aging, hairless friend, no matter how hard I’ve tried I could NOT get Banksy, Shilton, or Clemence to play for the Stars & Stripes. I believe now Ark they do have medications for our condition. πŸ˜‰

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          2. Hairless! Ha! I have enough hair in my ears and on my eyebrows and up my nose that should I cut it all there would be enough to make a string vest!

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          3. 🀣 And if you and I combined our two massive warehouses full of “Crates of Unsightly Aged Man-hairs From Unmentionable Locations,” we could found and open a new Organic Pillow & Mattress Company. LLC Arka-Hairy! πŸ˜›

            Whatta ya say we draw up the legal business partnership right away!? I’ll have “my people” talk to “your people”! 🀭

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