Walking the dogs and bits ‘n Bobs.

Baxter and friend, sometime this morning.

Visitors to the museum will get a PPP ( Preferential Persons Placement) card and when the descendants of Xenu earmark a suitable planet, these PPPs will be notified and then whisked away just before Jesus turns up and blitzes this place. Or something like that!

Really … some muvvers do ‘ave ’em!

Several Helmeted Guinea Fowl on the local school field.

Mons Road

A few doubts (from the family) have been expressed about the height of our new wall -namely it might end up being too high, so I’ve been taking a few shots of several high walls to compare. This one, at the entrance to the gated part of Eckstein St. must be damn near 4 metres!

This one, which is further along our  street, is just shy of 40 courses and according to Google makes this around 3,4 metres. I reckon we should be okay with ours which at its highest is 2.9metres.

Morning jog.  Gated part of Eckstein Street.

Adriana Street. About 2kms from our spot. As you probably realise by now there aren’t many flat roads where I live!

One of the local informal refuse recyclers.

On Grace Road.

Kloof Road (a km from our spot.

Behind the nursery.

June is Frost Month here in Johannesburg. Ella’s fluffy duck toy lies dejected and cold on the back lawn!

The borehole pump motor gets a frosty sprinkle.

Marmalade anyone?

Male white bellied sunbird. The males have been scarce this season and I was lucky to get this shot!

Cat on a cold tin roof.


”Shall we dance?”

Ella and Baxter waltz around the front garden.



7 thoughts on “Walking the dogs and bits ‘n Bobs.

    1. Mostly to secure the property at the front, and to increase privacy – once the wall is complete it will effectively free up around an extra 300 sq metres of land that was, until now, unused.


    1. The fruit is wonderful to have on the property, we have lemons too!
      I agree with you, Sally regarding the walls. They are there in the hope of discouraging potential miscreants.
      It will also increase privacy, and provide a noise buffer for the street which can be quite busy at times
      A nice bonus will be to finally reclaim all the land we have not been using but have been paying rates and taxes on!

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