Lens-Artists Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green


Hadeda Ibis on a wall in Ridge Road.

Agapanthus in the rain.

”Hey, Neil, I can see your house from up here.” Buzz Aldrin.

Green Vase and Fruit in oils

The second painting my father completed. (c1968)

Milkweed Locust.

Thanks to Tina for the challenge.-

Lens artist photo challenge 149

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green

  1. No, no. Hang on here. Who in the world made that frame around the “Green Vase and Fruit in oils”? You made that frame Arky, didn’t you? 😄 You know how to use a hammer and nails!? NO WAY!!! Shut tha front door on your carpentry skills! hehe

    Oh! Those other images are gorgeous. My favorite photo is the Lunar one with Armstrong and Aldrin chattin it up. LOL 😉

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    1. Morning Mr Z.
      Yes, I have visited his spot a few times and had the occasional ”chat”. He is a ‘believer’.
      Any particular reason you’re asking?


      1. He popped up on “Greatest religious question never answered” and been having a round-about with him. He can’t even seem to commit to being a Christian. The slippery ones drive me nuts.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Don’t they just. Jordan Peterson is another.
          I can introduce you to a couple more over on Strange Notions; Mark and Jim the Scott who I have been having a bit of chat regarding Genocide and the Exodus thing. (and other Catholic topics!)
          Loads of fun!

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  2. These are really marvelous Ark! Loved that Milkweed Locust – a blue and green bug…who knew?! Also loved the moon. Everyone shoots it full. I loved your interpretation more!

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    1. He’s not bad fior a self taught artist. Doesn’t paint any more; he’s approaching 90 and says the concentration isn’t what is used to be. But when we do a bit of face time I get to see some of the stuff I haven’t see before. Some of it is cracking! He ‘s told me I can have whatever I want; all I have to do us fly back and choose!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. How (long?) is it (since) you’ve been back in the UK?

          I seem to recall it was just after George Stephenson first rolled out his steam engine. So that would be around 1830?
          Anyway … it has been a while!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. (Long). I need to learn to type one of these days. 😉
            Trains were not invented then? (You Brits beat us frogs to it yet again).
            No yearning for the mother land?


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