Bits n’ Bobs

Building work is still occupying a fair amount of time and I must be honest, I haven’t been as keen as usual to post stuff. That said ….

Brian asked about the Painted Lady and whether it was a migrant or year round visitor.

I know I have shots of it through the winter months but to wade through a lot of unindexed photos is daunting. Anyhow … they are regular visitors especially in the afternoon and we always get one or two that like to ‘sunbathe’ on the front lawn.

This one was flitting about the garden this afternoon and landed on a pile of building sand so I took the opportunity to ‘snap’ it.

Work on building the wall continues as well as reclaiming and (eventually ) landscaping the front of the property.

Black velvet & cream cheese buttercream naked wedding cake.

Went out a couple of weeks ago.

Emily’s Cakes

Black Collared Barbet.

Haven’t seen one of these beauties in ages it seems. Noticed this one by chance as I looked up after beingΒ  alerted by the sound of …..

A pair of North American Trojans. (I stand to be corrected)

Female White Bellied Sunbird.



39 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

    1. Someone remarked over dinner the other night that because of the size there should be Chinese guards on top if it.
      The wall has been a long time coming and we are happy, and relived ,we are now able to get it sorted.
      I’m looking forward to start the garden once the wall is finished.

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    1. We’re fine , Sally, and thank you for asking. That’s sweet of you.
      I know in the past I have raised an eyebrow when blogpals have suddenly gone quiet.
      None of us are spring chickens anymore!
      It will still be a month or so before all the brick and stonework is done but the progress might be worth a post or two.

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  1. I too was getting a small smidgen (or less) of concern about where you’ve run off to. One imagined thought that crossed my mind was that you finally snapped, had enough, and went Down Under a huntin’ for Weebit Fleas for extermination. 🀭 But alas, you are only home busy building walls…

    to keep someone/something out or someone/something in. We may never know the full truth. πŸ˜‰

    Seriously though, it’s good to know you are well and getting older my Friend. Also, those might not be NA Trojans, but instead a NA AT-6 and/or SNJ Texan. They look quite familiar to me because I live literally about 1-mile from a very large flight museum with many WW1 and 2 aircrafts—along with Korean War jets—and like you Ark, you cannot mistake the sound of those engines. They are pretty easy to distinguish, particularly the Pratt & Whitney R-1340 engines. Now, of course the famous Rolls-Royce Merlin engine, in Spitfires and Mustangs, are so remarkably unique sounding it’s near impossible to mistake those beautiful aircrafts & engines, eh? 😁

    My goodness! Em’s black velvet & cream cheese buttercream naked cake looks phenomenally delicious! Love all those ingredients with the strawberries! And HEY, can’t go wrong when it’s naked either! Prep for the honeymoon and festivities, right? 😈🀭

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    1. I have a shot of a similar aircraft that I was able to discern the serial number which identified it as a privately owned Trojan, or so the blurb on the internet said.
      I could not make out any i.d. on these two so I defer to your greater aeronautical knowledge of all things Yank.

      I’ve completely gone off the wee flea to the extent it is now:
      ”Here’s to you Mr Robertson,
      Jesus knows he really is a myth,
      And you are pythed,
      Hey hey hey…”

      With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel and Anne Bancroft.

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      1. Hahaha. I do like your rendition of Mrs. (Mr.) Robertson.

        Hey, did you thoroughly enjoy the Europa League Final yesterday as much as I did… and seeing Man U fall on their face yet again? So sweet! Made my day. They probably should’ve just skipped the first 90+ minutes of regulation and the 30 of overtime and went straight to that remarkable PK shootout display, right!? That was worth the thrills!


        1. I didn’t watch the game but caught the shootout.
          I think Vila Real were playing for pens.
          When you consider how much money these Man Ushited players are paid how difficult is it to come out and score a goal from 12 yards?
          And De Gaia is the highest paid player in the league save for Bale and Real are picking up half his salary.
          Wunch of Bankers!

          I’m looking forward to the Champions League final on Saturday and also the Championship final at Wembley earlier in the day.

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          1. Yeah, once Villareal got their first opening one and only goal, defense was clearly their priority—as long as they were ahead or tied. Man Ushitards had most of the possession from 30′ till the PK’s. The fact that Villareal had a total of 12 shots, only ONE was on target πŸ˜„, says a lot about The Red Dabblers. I dozed off one or two times because of all Man U’s 14 shots, only two were on target… that is if the “target” was the side of the House of Commons, the <Lower House if I’m not mistaken? πŸ˜‰ I think even my mid-table (by luck only) Dunners could’ve beaten the Manly Ushitards yesterday, but alas, the Yellow Submariners and Unai Emery pretty much took care of my Dunners with pop-cap toy guns, didn’t they? πŸ˜„

            Yes, the Champions League final I hope will be entertaining. Not sure who I’m pulling for there even though our best Yank striker is with Chelsea. I hope Pulisic shows well, if he’s starting. But I hate to say it, I feel like Man City will do the Treble. :/

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          2. One last quick note Ark and I promise (cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle… blah, blah) to stop talking football/soccer (my beloved sport) on your blog for a long while. At least one day. 😁

            Watching all the pre-game shows here in the States and all the hosts, many who are British not just American, are talking as if Zack Steffen (the American) will start in goal for Man City. No! No, no, no, and again NO! That cannot be right. Pepe cannot possibly be benching Ederson for Steffen! Have you heard anything about Ederson being injured?

            If not, then all this hype and hullabaloo is the typical American super-proud patriotism to brag about everything USA, right?

            P.S. Please get back to me on this ASAP so I can shut these annoying Americans up! πŸ˜‰


          3. Hah! πŸ˜„ As a matter of fact, Jamie Carragher is one of the CBS Sports Network footballing hosts here who has not denied any rumors that Steffen was starting over Ederson. Now who tha hell is Jamie Carragher!? What silly little low-grade Premiership player is he and WHAT crappy club did he come from? And Carragher’s accent sounds as if he comes from some place in England that speaks Booty-ish or Bootlesh? Where do they find these guys in England!? Geeezzzz.

            And btw, Pulisic isn’t even starting either cuz Havertz and Mount team up too well currently with Werner, especially Havertz, duh right? Germans? And also, thanks mate for indulging me here! ❀️

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          4. You remember Corrigan was City’s goalkeeper in the 60s/70s?

            Called it! Although it was Havertz and not Giroud. And Pulicsic did come on as a sub.

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          5. Yes, I did vaguely remember Corrigan at City then; took me a minute. But then later forgot to mention him in my reply. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Ugh, old age, memory issues, cognitive issues, too many bumps on the head as a footballing net-tender… you know, all the usual. πŸ˜‰

            It was a very enjoyable game despite the fact that RΓΌdiger and the referee changed the entire dynamics of City’s attack by putting a massive contusion onto De Bruyne’s face! HOLY MOLY did you see his eye & cheek-bone!? 😲 Are Jordan Pickford and Antonio RΓΌdiger mob-squad brothers!? WTH? I felt City’s chances of a comeback were done when De Bruyne was almost stretchered off.

            Haha, you were close with your Giroud pick as I was with my Havertz pick. πŸ˜‰ And I thought Pulisic came on and made an immediate impact and just nearly scored a clinching goal with Havertz!

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          6. But if I may put just one pride-plug into the UEFA CL Final and tourney regarding American boys—we are finally arriving on the biggest stages of football in Europe—here is why I personally am very excited for our immediate, near, and long-term future with the U.S. men’s footballing programs, top to bottom! We FINALLY have legitimate reasons to be very excited today about American soccer/football. Not since the 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan/S. Korea have we U.S. soccer fans had so much to be excited and proud about. Two images if I may Ark: 😁

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    1. Missed your happy face.

      Thank you, sweetie! πŸ˜‰

      Yes, the wall is ours. This part runs up the driveway. The part that fronts the property is about a metre and a bit high and was plastered when we bought the place.
      We’re using brick rather than stone for this part and build on top of the existing wall.
      We haven’t quite settled on a design but as I said to the wife, as long as it’s one brick on top of another and keeps out the rampaging commie hordes and those bloody Mormons, I’m okay.
      Besides, to the height we are building I don’t think I could afford to construct it entirely out of stone without taking on another mortgage!

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        1. We had contemplated a moat (Piranha optional), as I reckon a moat would be just so cool, but if we find a way to protect the animals I think we’ll just settle for punji sticks!

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    1. That’s a conversation that could go on for a ,long time and fill up tons of comments.

      I’ll settle for what James May once pointed out: ”Lamb burning communists!”

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      1. You mentioned people going missing from posting blogs, well I was quite concerned that Pete Hillman hadn’t put anything up for many months. Knowing he suffered from poor health and with this covid crap I did a google search. Thankfully he is alive and kicking and involved in a fb group. Now waiting for old Argus to reappear with his witty comments.

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        1. I have left a few messages on his blog and he has replied he’s okay.
          It’s when you get notifications from other people that one has cause to worry.
          If … or rather, when, I go MIA on a permanent basis I’ll make sure one of my crew alerts the BBC :
          ”The Ark has joined the choir invisible.” or something like that!

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  2. Nice combination. (Did I really ask that? Or was it another Brian? Otherwise I will have to get therapy).
    I like your wall. Very much. A stone wall these days is unusual. And this one is turning out well. Congrats.
    Oh, and that cake looks deli. πŸ‘πŸ»


          1. And you grandfather ran a taxi operation? Was that on your father’s side? Cornish, eh? I’ve had this dream of walking the Cornish cliffs for a while. So little time, so many places to go… Cheers.


          2. Yes, Grandad was a batman on a battleship in WWII, he was also an amateur boxer for a time and then operated a taxi service – my dad learned to drive in one of granddad’s cars, a Packard I think.
            He once told me he reversed into a letterbox!

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