Bit of this and that.

Went out this morning.

Long Tailed Blue

Baxter on his first official ”solo” walk three days ago.

”A broom is drearily sweeping, up the broken pieces of yesterdays’ life.” Jimi Hendrix.

Home grown pumpkin and carrots for lunch today!

Early Sunday morning.,

”Fat Unicorn”. Went out Friday.

The ”bite” is part of the design.

Emily’s cakes

Painted Lady on Lavender.

Burst water main down the road from our spot

Juvenile Male Amethyst Sunbird

Across the valley

Hadeda Ibis preening.



7 thoughts on “Bit of this and that.

  1. Emily’s cakes are stunning. Love the unicorn. Made me laugh. I have two granddaughters who would just go crazy for that cake. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Beautiful butterflies & blooms.

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    1. He’s filled out nicely and is getting strong like you can’t believe! Thank goodness he responds to ‘sit’ else he might pull my arm out the socket
      His sister, Ella, is still small in comparison and hasn’t grown as much. Celeste calls her, ”My pocket boxer.”

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  2. Ey up you’re back with us, wondered where you had got to and now I see from the first image you have turned over a new leaf! ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‰
    That Painted Lady shot is a cracker, nice one, just like an Alisson header in 90+5 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    1. I try not to let my personal non religious leanings influence what cakes go out!
      If I did I’d get short shift from my crew, that’s no maybe.

      The absence is all due to work stuff and project stuff and wotnot. It’s been busy as hades.
      Not a bad thing, under the circumstances, but when it comes to building work etc I’m more familiar with falling off ladders and hitting myself with tools rather than supervising others doing the building work.

      Dear Mr Becker … bless his heart. I must be honest, once I retrieved my shoe from the floor next to the telly at 92 minutes and stomped off to my laptop I missed all the drama …and only realised something was up from the squeals coming from the lounge!
      My wife is Portuguese, so when Ally – who you know is Brazilian, I’m sure – was interviewed she howled along with him!

      Two more to go….

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