Walking the Dog

Council Maintenance! Yay!

As I walked past the nursery on Frederick St, panning the cellphone as I went, this chap walked into shot on the other side of the road, so I clicked the camera. As you can probably judge from the scowl he was not a happy chappy. This became obvious when he started yelling at me for taking his photograph.

Judging from his accent he was not local; possibly Congolese? While I might have been a little unsure of his accent the words, ”Hey, you white piece of shit. I break your phone you take photos of me.!’ were easily understood. This charming greeting was followed by similar vernacular yells pertaining to procreation, old white people, and other delightful  ditties not usually found on a family blog of this nature. Old? Bloody cheek of the man! I was trés miffed.

In fact, I was almost inclined to suggest he wash his mouth out with soap then take the knee like Premier League footballers.

At one point during this brief tirade I thought he was going to  cross the road to confront me.  Fortunately this didn’t happen otherwise Cindy would likely have either tried to lick him or run away!

Racist abuse. A first for me.  Left me feeling quite bemused.

Such excitement, and it wasn’t even 8:30 in the morning!

Happily, I was greeted by this sight as I reached my gate.

Deliveries are a weekly occurrence for the business but we had yet to avail ourselves of personal deliveries, now a feature for many since Covid. When we  added up the cost of  the delivery for the 32 items we ordered and took into account what we would have spent on petrol and parking not to mention time spent traipsing around the supermarket it was a no-brainer.  I smiled knowing fresh, warm croissants would be part of my breakfast, and this nice chap received a good tip for his trouble and a couple of cupcakes!

He was spared a lick from Cindy!



9 thoughts on “Walking the Dog

    1. It was a weird experience. I just shrugged and continued on my walk.
      I didn’t feel abused, or emotionally put upon in any way. It was just … well, odd, to be honest.

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  1. I’m sure it’s possible to lick someone to death. It’s just a matter of time.

    I had a chappy pull over a year or so ago and start asking questions. My Port wasn’t really up for it, so I let him know, and then things turned decidedly odd. He got mad. Like really mad, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what he was going on about. Meanwhile, Bela decided to drop a shit right under his car door, as he’s yelling, which I picked up between thoughts of ‘how do I fight this guy and keep holding Bela’s leash?’

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    1. ”There’s nowt s’queer as folk. Except of course me an’ thee. And t’be honest I’m a bit worried about thee!”
      …as they say in the country where animal husbandry is sometimes not quite what you would expect … apparently.


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    1. Who knows? To me he was just a pedestrian with a serious chip on both shoulders.

      Home delivery is probably the way to go. No one blinks at how Amazon can send you almost anything anymore so under the present conditions having one’s groceries delivered probably falls into the same category.
      Perhaps one day this too will seem so common place as to be passé?

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  2. I was scrolling down the page and stopped to admire the stunning hydrangea, love the blue. Then I saw the photo of that guy. Jezus, by the look on his face you were lucky you weren’t attacked and your mobile phone robbed! I hope he does not know where you live …

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  3. Sorry for the unpleasant encounter. You and I are, after all, wazungu, plural of mzungu, white man in Swahili. (Can be used both ways, negative and neutral) Don’t know the local SA equivalents.
    When I saw your title I thought about renting the neighbour’s dog to have an excuse to take a walk… But maybe not.
    Take care Mate.

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  4. He may have been photophobic, I know if I see someone waving a camera at me, I tend to disappear VERY fast. Always been that way.
    And some people feel as if a camera steals part of your soul.
    Nice photos though, regardless.


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