Leading you up the Garden Path

A rare treat indeed! Not one, not two but three Death’s Head Hawkmoth Caterpillars.

All rescued from the attentions of the cats this afternoon, and carefully relocated out of harm’s way.

Caterpillar 1.

Caterpillar 2.

Caterpillar 3.

I contemplated bringing them indoors to raise them but as I have done this before I decided to let them do their thing dans le jardin and placed them among the potato plants.

Geranium Bronze.

Painted Lady.

And finally, for Nan (kiss, kiss, hug) …

New Garden Orb Weaver, discovered among the Lavender at the front of the house.





11 thoughts on “Leading you up the Garden Path

    1. I couldn’t say for sure, but I imagine they would if presented with the opportunity, Unless, of course, the ”eye” was enough to scare them away?


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