Saturday Smile for Jesus

”(And) my faith is based entirely on evidence. I’ve written three books of evidence – scientific, historical, logical, philsophical etc.”

David Robertson – Evangelical  Christian Pastor.

Phil who?


65 thoughts on “Saturday Smile for Jesus

          1. I read about one paragraph and realized he almost always speaks (or writes) in simple semtemces , no deep complicated surgery involved, nope. ” I saw a rabbit. It was a big white rabbit. It hopped toward me.” Not the most riveting speaker/writer, nope.

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        1. Utterly revolting ignorant half-wit.
          He is the type of individual you wouldn’t piss on if his shoes were on fire!


          1. HA! I added my two cents and replied to his last comment to “Fanny.”

            My contribution: THere are none so blind as those that will not see! That scripture works both ways.

            Of course, to Moderation it quickly went … so we shall see.

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          2. Oh, he’ll probably let you out, and then slap you something silly with one of his delightfully pleasant ripostes. Jolly good show … the noo!

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  1. My Islamic faith is based on scientific evidence and logic, too. Hmmm…Odd that it differs so much from this fools faith. Obviously, HE’S wrong in his thinking somewhere and Allah does not suffer illogical fools lightly.

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  2. “I’ve written three books of evidence — scientific, historical, logical, philosophical etc.”

    If he had the evidence, he wouldn’t need to write the effing books.

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      1. I’d happily point it out to him, but he’s easily triggered by anyone else’s “sneering superiority” but his own.
        (Excuse the vulgarity, but he probably thinks his s**t doesn’t stink, either).

        It’s the sheer lack of evidence — a term they never truly acknowledge the meaning of — for either their god or their faith that compels apologists to write all these faux-learned defensive tracts, not one of them remotely interesting, original or useful. It’s all for show.


  3. About a man, with a Greek name of “Jesus”? Or a Jewish man/Rabbi named Yeshua bar Yosef who spoke & taught in the Semitic tongues of Mishnaic Hebrew and Syro-Aramaic?

    So…are those “three books” Phil references written perfectly in the man’s two languages? And are the contents in perfect context of Late Second Temple Judaism/Messianism, with no later Hellenistic influences decades, centuries later?

    If all this is true, please point me to these extant three books in those two languages and with Jewish theology, not Greco-Roman. THAT would be a miracle, huh? 😄🤭

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      1. HAH! 🤣 What a novel idea Arkesatan! I shall do that directly!

        Just after I finish my morning cups of Joe, breakfast, shower, and packing my luggage—to go to grandma’s house. 😁

        Over the river and through the woods,
        Oh, how Phil’s wind does blow!
        It stings the toes and bites the nose,
        As over the ground I go.

        Ahhh… you all know the rest. 😉


        1. Actually , I don’t.
          The Nursery Rhymes I was brought up with had cows and spoons and moons and dishes and wotnot and hickory dickory dock in them.

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          1. what sort of childhood did you have!?

            I lived on Jam sandwiches and Cornflakes, was forced to watch Manchester United on the TV and only read Enid Blyton and Playboy.
            I had to see a therapist for years

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          2. Yeah, me too. Forced Societal Conformity messes up a whole lotta brainwaves and cognitive neurons. I had ample access to Playboy, but it didn’t screw up anything. In fact, I enhanced MANY things for me! 😈 Maybe your therapist bills were much larger than mine, huh? 😉


  4. Your “friend” points out in one place that “People already have freedom from religion” and goes on to confirm this statement by saying no one is “forced to attend any kind of religious services.”

    As usual, he (as well as thousands and thousands of other “believers”) totally misses the point. One wonders how many times it needs to be said before they understand that “religion” is forced upon people in a multitude of ways every single day!! Of course those that have been indoctrinated are blind to these acts because to them it’s all perfectly “natural.” GAG!

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    1. ”Of course you have a choice, my child. And although you are only seven …”
      ”Seven and three quarters, Daddy.”
      ”Sorry sweetheart. Of course. Seven and three quarters. You are growing up so fast I sometimes forget. Well, this is the choice you have. Would you like to hear of the wonderful saving grace of Jesus who is our Lord and maker of everything …”
      ”Including kittens, Daddy?”
      Yes, dear, including kittens. Or would you rather spend an eternity being tortured in a place called Hell. Which, by the way, Jesus created?”
      ”Er … gulp!”

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  5. Surely you must anticipate some kind of input from one of your fav visitors….

    But evidence ark? I’m so laughing, in a good way, not to spite. But you have a greater issue with the good Dr, and that is, you agree, using the same rules of evidence, that the earth somehow convulses and gyrates, and speeds and motions no one has ever seen- so yeah, strange bedfellows to be so aligned with one who yokes with your ‘science’ while you despise his ‘science.’

    So I’ll bang my head on the pole too.


      1. But you greatly err dismissing true science. The very thing you demand I present to you, and you shrug it aside like a flea on your arm.

        Perhaps one day you will say, ‘that American was correct.’


      2. Originality!!!? Bwahahaha! 🤣 That will never happen Ark as long as 2,000+ year old myths and legends persist, and there are gullible sheep to follow blindly…

        …in FAITH, of course! 🤭


    1. You require proof of a spinning globe? But granting such evidence would unnecessarily weaken your faith in heliocentrism. Nah, it is much, much better to believe it without evidence. Or as Jesus would say, ““Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

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      1. I keep asking you Ron/ write your own post defending the preposterous offense of orbiting/ spinning oceans: and wobbly Mt Everest-

        I’ll be happy to visit and tear the theory to shreds. Go ahead and prove it.


        1. There’s no need to write about it. The planetary rotations can be observed through a moderately-priced telescope. Whether or nor you choose to do so, is your call.


          1. Unfortunately, Ron, there are many in the religious world who have eyes but cannot see … so for them, a telescope would be an instrument of distortion.

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          2. Yeah ok ron.

            You may as well try to prove that the pool table surface is moving…… because the balls are moving over it.

            See how this works? I live in reality. Maybe you live on paper theories.


          3. I can do you one better. Here’s a video of a pool table that moves while the (un-played) balls upon its surface remain motionless.

            See how this works? Your perception of “reality” is influenced by your point of reference. From the camera’s perspective, the pool table is in motion relative to the billiard balls and the rest of the room. From the billiard ball’s perspective, the rest of the room is in motion relative to the surface of the pool table. And from an observer on shore or another ship, both the ship and the pool table are in motion relative to the sea.

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    1. Ah … bur where’s the fun in that?
      And how are those taken in by them going to realise if we don’t help them to see what’s behind the curtain? Especially children?

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  6. Acting as if these things are evidence-less and absurd, “the earth somehow convulses and gyrates, and speeds and motions no one has ever seen”

    WTF? So… what? A flat earther? A solar system denier? A geology denier? A space hoaxer? A planet denier? Somebody help me understand! This makes no sense even in the deepest well of delusion.

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      1. “Colorstorm is a flat-earther.”

        Just like the scribes who wrote the Bible.

        But I bet Mr. Flea doesn’t accept the biblical model of flat-earth cosmogony, despite asserting his Big Bumper Book of Tall Tales for Boys and Girls is totally inerrant.

        @ComfortablyNumb is the true Christian. Pastor Flea is the heretic.



        1. Chris/ you have more nic names than China has rice.

          But seriously, airPLANES, seaPLANES are what, mere words no more meaningful than fruit loops? The land is a plane. Water is a plane.

          Ever taken wood shop, built a wall, fence, house, laid a railroad? All things taken into consideration over a Plane. For Gods sake, what engineer would make a building over a foundation that moves??? Or a train that travels upside down???

          Yes, the earth is a plane. Motionless just as it appears, and just as your senses tell you.


          1. CS, basing your entire worldview on the fact that YOU are “motionless” is thinking so small that it makes one wonder about your anatomy.

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          2. You wrote … just as your senses tell you — which would indicate to me that since YOU can’t feel movement, this confirms your belief that the WORLD is “motionless.” Got it?

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          3. Yes I’ve heard that rumor a thousand times. And when you are traveling at high speeds on the country road, the cows appear to be moving too……


          4. True.
            Now let’s imagine for a moment that the ”cow” is the continent of Africa on the surface of the Earth and the ”you” is the astronaut, (stationary) in space how do you account for the same ”cow” (Africa) reappearing after approx., 24 hrs?


          5. Why do you think Doug that the services of Walt Disney were called upon to assist the likes or Von Braun????

            Do the math and answer your own question. Some things never change.


          6. Maybe the comments came through at precisely other junk did? Like those nauseating pill ads etc?

            No clue why?? But they were in spam.


          7. Ok we know how this will go down.
            ‘Genesis is a myth. Science disproves it.’

            My friends may/ may not engage because they know too well the broken grooves of record against scripture.

            There would be a spin off on your site- with the usual cadre of insults from many fronts, questioning whether certain have had lobotomies…

            So how’s this: the account needs no help from me to confirm it’s veracity. I can neither add to its truthfulness, nor take away, but i certainly can agree. And I most certainly agree.

            But I’m also sure I have already written many posts re the subject you bring/


          8. Whether you consider it’s veracity is not the issue – I know YOU believe it.
            I want you to do a post to see if your followers concur with your assertion.
            Just a simple, straightforward post
            stating your position re: the Flood, in plain, straightforward English with no flowery rhetoric, and a request to your subscribers/followers to state their own position either in support or their acknowledgement of the evidence based scientific position regarding a global/worldwide flood as per the bible.
            This is not too difficult for you, and I know you are not a coward in this regard. Surely you are not afraid to defend your position?


          9. *snicker*

            “trains run upside down” ROFL! Guess he has never heard of gravity either. Oh wait! That’s a big damn conspiracy too! By “Big Science.” lol. Apparently plate tectonics is another Big Science lie too.

            My senses are telling me something. but I won’t say it in a reply to Nan 🙂

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