What’s the buzz?

Amegilla bee visits a Plectranthus plant by the pond. 12/4/21

And …. for your edification.

Amegilla bees are a group of native bee species that do not produce honey but are important pollinators of crops and wild plants. Amegilla bees are not aggressive but can sting for defence.


Plectranthus is the largest South African genus in the mint family (Lamiaceae), with 44 species natural to our region, most of which occur on the eastern side of the country.





13 thoughts on “What’s the buzz?

  1. Love bees. Don’t love so much the violent predatory Vespids, like the Asian Giant “Murder” hornets and such. “Nature”… brutal and beautiful wrapped up together, huh? Lol


        1. 😄 Well that won’t help one bit, except in your own mind. May I suggest…

          Three PK’s given for Liverpool by Björn Kuipers in the middle and many an offsides—right or wrong—by linesmen Sander van Roekel (NED) and Erwin Zeinstra (NED)? I think you’ll have a better go with those Dutchmen. 😉

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          1. Well, evidence now tells us that nothing helped! What a woeful display from the ‘Pool, but a lesson in professionalism from Real Madrid.

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          2. Yeah. I was as frustrated as you Ark, I’m sure, that Real just never allowed the Reds any type of sustained momentum. Around the 75th minute I stopped watching. No way Liverpool was going to be able to score 3 goals when Real was making no mistakes, let alone critical mistakes. :/


          3. PSG is looking better than last year for sure. I think their chances of advancing are just as good as City’s!

            I tell ya, I suspect Mbappé will win top honor with the Ballon d’Or this year if not next. Geeezzz, that boy is phenomenal; a joy to watch with his unmatched bursts of speed and dribbling skills. I mean, defensemen… don’t blink or you’ll be left standing all alone staring at grass. 🤣 Wow, SHUT THA FRONT DOOR already with all that talent! 🤪

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  2. “Amegilla bees are not aggressive but can sting for defence.”

    See. Even bees recognize the importance of exercising their inalienable rights to bear arms.

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