16 thoughts on “It fluttered by.

        1. I don’t think one can ever truly remove all the salt from the ”soutie” – certainly not from this rooinek at any rate! I reckon there will always be one foot, or a toe or two in the UK, even if it’s only through words like this or … Liverpool FC.

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          1. What’s odd, is that should we ever ‘quit’ SA we would more than likely go to either Portugal or France, not the UK. (My sister lives in France and you probably recall I have family in Portugal.) My folks are in their mid eighties so there is little to draw me back there on a permanent basis. As my mum tells me: ”Doug, you’d hardly recognise the place.”
            Besides, Covid notwithstanding, France and Portugal are a mere hop and a skip across the channel.
            It’s great to feel so ”multi cultural’!
            I just wonder when we will all get back to normal and how much permanent change the world will have undergone because of Covid once all restrictions are finally lifted.,


    1. Thank you, Judy. However ….believe it or not, these were taken with a standard 55mm lens on my Canon. For both shots I was no more than 20 cm away.


  1. Absolutely splendid photos Ark! โค๏ธ And just to be sure, these are YOUR own photos, yes? Not Em’s or your incredible wife—that still puts up with you? ๐Ÿ˜‰


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