Bits n’ Bobs

I had wanted to allow this marrow the opportunity to grow even more but sadly I found that an insect had bored a small hole through to the flesh and didn’t want to run the risk of  the marrow rotting.

Still … 3.06 kgs – Not bad!

Small River Frog  discovered when I lifted the cover on the pond weir. I managed a quick shot with my phone then … plop! He was gone.

Number 7 chilling among the chillies.

Agapanthus among the Lavender

The ‘Clean-Up’ on Steyn Street continues. New plants have been planted alongside the school field on the left. Cindy was keen to investigate.

Our own ‘clean up’ continues as we clear the front of the property before raising the front wall. Once finished it will free up around 300m2 of land. At times, it’s a bit like an archaeological dig.

Walking the dog …

Eckstein Street.

St. Luke’s Lane. (Cul-de-Sac off Young Avenue.)

Young Avenue.

Bessie Street


Hillbrow Tower

16 thoughts on “Bits n’ Bobs

    1. Nan, how many times do I have to say it? Arkesatan seems to have the need to compensate for something. We’re not quite sure what it is… he is rather shy about these things. But maybe one day he’ll get help. 🤭


        1. 😄 And as the great Aussie Sociologist Judy Wajcman uddered…

          Zeros now have a place, and they displace the phallic order of ones.

          It seems there has been MANY phallacies of phallic exaggeration and obsessions with size throughout patriarchal history. Or more likely it was an abundance of macropsia within the male gender. But what is clear is that phallacies run amok in our gender!

          Things that make you go hmmmm. 🤔😄


    1. We’ve never used it as we have a low wall and a partial open frontage; therefore it’s always been a bit of security risk.
      The original plan was to fill it. make it level with the upper part of the stand and build a large retaining wall.
      However, that plan has sort of faded with time – and the horrendous expense of building the retaining wall( more than we paid for the house!) – so we’ve decided to raise a normal (stone) wall and open up the stairway from the upper garden. Walking up and down the stairs will be good exercise!
      Maybe I’ll turn it into a large vegetable garden? We’ll see what transpires as work progresses.
      For now it’s fun seeing the land unfold and the prospect of creating something new.
      Thanks for the compliment on my pics, too.

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        1. We will raise the wall to around 2 metres plus.
          With the exception of a three metre gap no foundations will need to be laid, as there is an existing (low) double-thick wall which we will build on top of using the same/similar stone, much of which we have already ‘liberated’ from around the property.


          1. Can’t wait to see this when it is done.
            I know if you are not retaining lots of soil, a double masonry wall can work as a retaining wall with intermediate columns where necessary

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          2. There will be no soil against the new wall. In fact, much of what vegetation etc that has broken down over the years will be hauled up to the top half and used to level parts of the garden.
            The stone stairwell to the lower half has almost been cleared this afternoon allowing builders access.
            There are a few large boulders at the front that need to be moved and then the trench for the foundation can be dug. We are hoping by Friday.
            If we decide to go ahead and use some/all of the new area for vegetables I’ll probably use raised beds (+/-)600mm, filled with soil and compost and use a ground cover plus indigenous flowers and shrubs for the surrounding area.
            We’ll see ….

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