27 thoughts on “Hot Stuff!

  1. Those look delicious Ark! Well done on ya. πŸ™‚

    Hey, since you don’t want to grow Passiflora quadrangularis Erotica for some unknown reason, why not give this wonderful vegetable a try…

    I mean, what a marvelous display of gushing fertility and spreading your seed everywhere! Don’t you agree my fine gardening Friend? 😈😁

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    1. A surprise indeed … how wonderful is open to debate!
      Funnily enough, we did grow strawberries some time back, but only had a modicum of success for one season and afterwards the thrill was gone, to paraphrase BB King.

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  2. Fantastic. Don’t have much luck with chillies here. Usually not enough sustained external heat to stir the plants into action. Nothing worse than an unhot chilli. (Well there probably are worse things – not that we can speak of them).

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        1. Ark, if and when you must call “Security” to remove fans from the highest cheap seats, please tell them to be gentle with me. I have sensitive bones in my arm and chest called the Fragilus Ego Maximus and the Boner-nesius Primus Erectus. Mistreating those areas could mean certain disaster (or euphoric gratification) in your Anfield stadium Sir. πŸ˜‰ 😈

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          1. Try not to be so hard-on yourself. Arteta admitted it was his fault in the post match interview.


          2. πŸ˜„ Yes, a firm comfortable 3 – 0 win for your Reds, and at the Emirates. It seems my Dunners are a shoe-in for mid-Table all season. Geeezzz, I never thought that mediocrity would become the norm at the Emirates, but WTF do I know about Champions League qualifying in the EPL? πŸ™„

            I was only able to watch match highlights today—you know, that whole streaming subscription monopolizing in the U.S.—but did Alisson ever touch the ball? In fact, did Arsenal ever venture across the halfway line into Liverpool’s half in 94+ minutes? LOL


          3. I think Alison felt obliged to manhandle the ball from time to time, if only to allow the camera crew time to focus on his beardless face and give the commentators the opportunity to mention his moustache.

            The European Cup (as it was back then) and the Champions League always eluded Wenger, if memory serves. Arteta doesn’t look as if he is up for the challenge either, I’m sorry to say.
            I also wonder if Pep Guadiola will suffer the same trouble with City, it’s about the only thing he hasn’t won with the club so far.

            The next eight matches are going to be somewhat nail biters re champions league.
            My gut tells me Liverpool will not finish higher than 6th and their only route to Europe next season will be if they win the trophy this season – and their quarter-final duel is with Real. The gods help us!
            Frekking Sergio Ramos!

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          4. He’s not ready to play and I would be upset if they asked him to.
            And none of those at the Ark’s spot can bear to watch England while frakking Pickford is in goal.

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          5. Yeah, now every time I see Pickford in goal I can’t help but reimagine that brutally hard, unnecessary tackle into Virgil’s knees. In those situations I was trained to go low into THE BALL—and if the ball is off the ground, you stand your ground, make yourself big—the BALL is the keeper’s objective, NOT to pull a violent “Schumacher-Battiston Murder” … well, damn near a murder. The more I’ve watched what Pickford did the more I’m convinced that the ball was not his priority. 😑


    1. We are fortunate chillies grow fairly easily here. It’s become a bit of a mission for me to try to grow as many varieties as I can find. We found some nice bright orange haberenos at the grocery shop yesterday which I shall have a go with once the seeds have dried.

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    1. Based on my current level of skill, I very much doubt it, or if I was, I suspect many people went hungry
      Ditto with the Easter Bunny stuff.

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